Accurate batching with the TargetBatcher at Gelpeixe

Gelpeixe recently invested in a Marel TargetBatcher for batching fixed-weight portions of hake slices, squid, cuttlefish, and other products. The company is one of Portugal’s largest fish processors and their partnership with Marel spans almost 20 years.

Marel precision and reliability

Ricardo Figueiredo, Production Manager at Gelpeixe, was impressed by the consistency and precision that the TargetBatcher offered when he was first introduced to the machine during a roadshow in Portugal. “Precision and consistent performance are very important to us,” he explains. “We are ISO certified and have high demands when it comes to the equipment we install.”

“We put the TargetBatcher in our production facility and I started to test and play around with it,” says Figueiredo. “After only two hours, I got excellent results batching 2kg portions. We did some more testing with different products and then it was an easy decision.”

The machine has been part of Gelpeixe’s production since 2012 and the company is still happy with their investment. “We’re now running the TargetBatcher nine hours every day with a number of different retail jobs and we’re very happy with it. It’s accurate and effectively reduces giveaway,” Figueiredo explains. “It’s a very stable and reliable piece of equipment that doesn’t need much maintenance and is easy to use – just like the other Marel equipment we have.”

From manual to automatic

Before Gelpeixe installed the TargetBatcher, some of the batching was done by hand, and some was handled by two Marel Graders. Now, with all fixed-weight batching handled by the TargetBatcher, and the Graders better utilized, the end result is higher throughput with less giveaway. This has helped Gelpeixe increase their production by 10 – 15% to an average of 25 – 30 tons per day.

Success through partnership

“We’re planning to increase our exports and are currently looking at a number of different markets abroad,” says Figueiredo. “When the time comes to consider new investments, Marel will be part of this discussion. We have been working together for a long time and we at Gelpeixe enjoy the dialogue and the partnership we have.”

About Gelpeixe

Gelpeixe is a family-owned fish processing company from Loures in Portugal that focuses on frozen food. It processes a wide range of frozen fish and seafood products for both retail and catering.

Founded in 1977, Gelpeixe is now one of the biggest processors of its kind in the country and continues to grow.

About the Marel TargetBatcher

The TargetBatcher is the easy way to reduce giveaway, combining a pre-determined number of fresh or frozen products into a package of exact weight. With 7 high-accuracy individual scales and 14 holding bins, the TargetBatcher selects the best combination of products in a fraction of a second.

Marel’s optional Innova production software monitors real-time information from the TargetBatcher during processing, providing a complete overview of all aspects of the batching process and its results.

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