Lehko chooses RevoPortioner


Myronivsky Meat Processing Plant “Lehko”, a convenience products plant situated near Kyiv (Ukraine), won an award for a product made using RevoPortioner.

Myronivsky Meat Processing Plant “Lehko” is a convenience products plant, situated near Kyiv (Ukraine), and is part of the huge, completely vertically integrated Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP) Group. “Lehko!” (meaning ‘easy’) is also the brand name of a wide range of high-quality, innovative convenience products. The all-Ukrainian products -easy to prepare- are carefully marketed, and have got a very positive response from the national Ukrainian market. The so-called chicken pops, one of the most popular Lehko products, are portioned with the renowned RevoPortioner.

The product, available in various flavors, won the 2014 national Ukrainian award for the most successful innovative new product. Although the Ukrainian market is still somewhat unstable and uncertain, “Lehko” plant manages to grow and keep introducing various new products. Aside from the national market, TM Lehko! products are also making good first impressions internationally.

At SIAL Paris, called “the world’s largest food innovation marketplace”, the introduction was very promising. Not only the chicken pops, but also the very natural looking whole muscle tender loins, all made on the RevoPortioner, were very well received.

Exporting to Europe

Oksana Panasiuk, Chief Technologist of the MHP Group, says: “The time is right for our products to become a success on the plates of the West-European families. We believe that our TM Lehko! and TM Chick ‘n Go product lines, consisting of fresh and frozen convenience products, are the right answers to the demand of today’s consumers. We feel that convenience products are sometimes still received as not that healthy, but we are convinced that products produced at the “Lehko” plant have a huge potential to become very successful: the meat quality is high, the products have an attractive visual appearance, and above all, they taste great! We will soon start exporting these products to various West European countries.”

Innovative leadership

It is clear that “Lehko” plant is an innovative leader in their market. It’s the first Ukrainian company to introduce this kind of products and the first Ukrainian company that uses the RevoPortioner for their portioning process. Olga Morgunenko, R&D Manager of the MHP Group: “We have the drive to make the best possible products for different target groups. For that, we need the best equipment. The RevoPortioner is proving its positive contribution every day.”

Superior product consistency

Managing Director of “Lehko” plant, Mr. Petro Sokirko said: “With the RevoPortioner we have the most innovative portioning machine in Ukraine. Its low pressure portioning technology is superior. RevoPortioner enables a high product consistency. The standard deviation of our end products is very small.”

At this moment, various products are made with the RevoPortioner technology: the award-winning chicken pops, chicken fingers, coated and non-coated tender loins with a very natural appearance, and several others. They are marketed under the brand ‘Lehko!’ and ‘Chick ‘n Go’ and are distributed via various retailers and branded outlets.

Approved by international standards A strong advantage of “Lehko” plant products is that they are produced under strict control of the vertically integrated MHP Group. The group has recently been re-audited for various international quality certificates. Without remarks, the highest scores were achieved, another proof of “Lehko” plant’s strong focus on the quality of products and processes.

Testing: easy with NPD drum

The great success of their convenience products stimulates “Lehko” plant to continue introducing more new and exciting products. The company is now testing some new recipes and shapes with the RevoPortioner. With its endless variety of portioning possibilities, it’s merely a matter of choosing the right portioning drum. For testing the specially developed test drum, the New Product Development (NPD) drum can be used. Its segments are interchangeable, allowing processors to experiment with different product shapes and sizes without having to invest in complete drums. The NPD drum has, like any other drum, a virtually endless life span.

Local service and support

In Ukraine, Marel works closely with a local representative, Sergey Chernyushok from the Group of Food Systems. Sergey and his team take great care of local support and service of the Marel equipment. They are in contact with “Lehko” on a regular basis to discuss new technologies, service matters, spare parts and possibilities for further improvement.

The RevoPortioner supports the success of various “Lehko” products. Marel is proud to be selected to deliver its portioning equipment, thus enabling Meat Processing Plant “Lehko” to produce the best possible products.


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