Product variety with FleXicut

Flexicut Twin Whitefish

Vísir hf. has now been running FleXicut together with automatic pinbone removal and product distribution since February 2015. They are primarily using FleXicut for cod and haddock; with catfish, ling, and redfish also being cut, but not as primary products.

Vísir hf. is a fishing, processing, and sales company with four facilities around Iceland. The company produces a diverse product range from various kinds of fish, most of which are caught on long-line by its own fishing fleet.

Stepping into the future with Vísir

The possibilities for Vísir’s production are almost endless. Salted fish has always been one of the company’s primary products, but its product line also includes a large selection of frozen, fresh, and dried products.

Pétur Pálsson, CEO of Vísir, explains the main benefits of FleXicut for the company: “We’re definitely seeing that the variety in products that we can produce, and having uniform product every time, are great benefits.”

“In addition, FleXicut is now doing the same job as 10 employees on the flow line used to do, and the yield is meeting our goals.”

Marel has enjoyed a strong partnership with Vísir for many years. “For the seafood industry, working together with a company like Marel can bring high value to the industry,” Pálsson explains.

“There are many opportunities out there and we have always worked well with Marel and knew that together we would come up with a solution that would meet all our requirements.”

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