The I-Cut 55 cuts it at Cranswick


Cranswick chose the I-Cut 55 for its great performance, efficiency and operational flexibility, and they are satisfied. So satisfied, that they have installed 13 I-Cut 55 portion cutters in their two productions facilities in the UK.

As one of the leading food manufactures in the UK, Cranswick always expects the best performance from its production equipment and portion cutters, and they make no exceptions.

Cranswick has operated in the food processing industry for years. The company is known for superior quality and reliability when it comes to supplying consumer products to retail chains.

To live up to those expectations and assure that production is done with accuracy and as little giveaway as possible it is very important to Cranswick to operate with the best possible equipment available on the market.

I-Cut 55 superior performance

A few years ago, Cranswick considered replacing some of its IPM portion cutters. They tested them head to head with an I-Cut 55 PortionCutter to investigate performance, accuracy, flexibility and throughput.

With the impeccable accuracy and a rock solid performance throughout the years, it turned out that the I-Cut 55 was and still is far superior on all important parameters compared to any other portion cutter available.

Benefits of the I-cut 55

  • Maximum weight accuracy with 360° laser scanning and perfect product fixation
  • Open construction to ensure a high level of hygiene with easy cleaning
  • Adjustable V belts to reduce product movement
  • Easy-to-operate touch screen for change of product set-ups
  • Quick-release open knife guide
  • Integrates with Marel Innova Food Processing Software

Flexible cutting pattern changes

The flexibility offered by the I-Cut 55 has proven a valuable feature in any production that requires the ability to easily change cutting patterns and handle a large variety of products.

On top of these measures, the I-Cut and Marel’s service proved to be second to none. For Cranswick that reliability factor is essential.

After installation, Cranswick has asserted that I-Cut 55 is the best solution for them in order to achieve the best results in their production.

Advanced Portioning

Marel's I-cut 55 Portion Cutter

Less downtime

It is also very important to minimize downtime in any operation. The combination of the in-house knowledge among Cranswick engineers and service technicians and Marel’s proven support ensures operational reliability and helps keep the equipment up and running at maximum capacity.


The I-Cut 55 is designed for the accurate portion cutting of boneless meat products, such as beef, pork, veal and lamb. The portion cutter will cut to fixed weight and/or length.

The I-Cut 55 features 360° 3-D scanning, which results in exceptionally accurate and stable measuring results that do not require further corrections from weighing equipment.

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