ILDEX Indonesia 2023

, ICE Indonesia Convention Exhibition

ILDEX Indonesia 2023

Renowned as a prominent trade exhibition in Southeast Asia, ILDEX Indonesia attracts a robust attendance and offers abundant business prospects. Esteemed livestock experts and exhibitors have acknowledged it as an excellent marketplace and international business platform for the Indonesian market.

At our Marel booth, we will show how our advanced solutions perfectly match with South East Asian requirements. We will present our advanced solutions for all kinds of broiler processing plants, with manual, semi or fully automatic integrated processes. For each process stage and every capacity level, from 500 to 15,000 bph, we supply made-to-measure inline solutions.

Let's experience growth together

Our product portfolio encompasses various stages of poultry processing, ranging from primary processing, such as live bird handling, stunning, killing, scalding, defeathering, evisceration, and chilling, all the way up to breast filleting, grading, portioning, packing, and labeling.

In particular, our Nuova CoreTech can serve as a significant step towards enhanced automation. This eviscerator incorporates advanced Nuova technology and offers the flexibility to expand in the future. Additional units, automated viscera rehang, and automated giblet harvesting can easily be integrated at a later stage. When the market demand asks for an increase in the level of automation, there's no need to replace the entire machine; it seamlessly grows with your operations.

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We invite poultry processors seeking new opportunities to engage with our team, which includes Rudi Hudin (Sales Manager Indonesia) and Joost Miltenburg (Sales Manager Marel Poultry SE Asia). These poultry experts are well-equipped to assist you in discovering the ideal solutions. They can use their great expertise and experience to match your specific local market requirements.

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