Connecting to the Indian market

, Hitex Exhibition Complex, Hyderabad, India

Poultry India 2023

Connecting to the Indian market

Poultry India is one of the largest poultry exhibitions in South Asia. The event witnesses every year national leaders, global experts and companies on nutrition, breeding, poultry equipments and animal health to provide insights into latest trends and best practices in poultry automation. 
Poultry India also provides advanced knowledge and understanding of the poultry industry via scientific forums, trainings and career opportunities.

Poultry in India
The domestic Indian poultry industry is a very fast growing segment with a growth rate of 18%. Poultry meat, being the most popular meat in India, has been receiving a significant investment boost. The latest techniques of breeding, hatching, rearing and processing have enormously transformed the poultry sector.
Discover how our product portfolio seamlessly aligns with the Indian market, enabling you to advance towards tailor-made automation. Our Nuova automated eviscerators with separate viscera pack line can make a real difference, as they can grow along with your business.

The Indian market also shows a shift towards cut-up poultry products and convenience food. If you are considering a step into these industries, Marel can provide you with robust solutions to address this trend through our ACM-NT Compact cut-up system and our Convenience food production lines.

Marel is always keen to support you in growing your business. For each process stage, each level of automation, and each capacity, starting from 500 bph, we supply made-to-measure concepts. A particular example of this is the Nuova CoreTech eviscerator, ready to grow along with you.

We look forward to meeting you at Poultry India 2023!

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Please visit our stand at the Poultry India event and find out how our solutions can add more value to your processes. Our professionals including Jose Martin Xavier, Manuel van 't Sant and Subramoni Hariharan will be pleased to show you how we can support you in improving productivity and effectiveness.

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