Adding value through marinating


With Marel’s marinating line for boneless pork chops, optimal raw material utilization is ensured with minimal manual handling of products.

Adding value to products through marinating is an increasingly common process in the food industry. It allows processors to fully utilize and increase the value of different meat cuts and at the same time meets the consumer demand for new, exciting flavors and products that are easy to prepare.

With Marel's marinating line, optimal raw material utilization is ensured, with minimal manual handling of products.


Starting at the DeboFlex pork deboning line, operators remove the neck from the fore-end. The DeboFlex is a pork fore-end deboning system which simplifies operations such as neck removal, deboning, skinning, defatting and shank cutting.

With the DeboFlex system, the flow of products is more streamlined and the products move in an overhead carrier line from one step to the next. This results in greater line efficiency, less manual handling and more effective operator tasks.


When the pork neck enters the StreamLine trimming line, an operator trims it according to pre-set specifications.

The StreamLine is an intelligent and flexible system for monitoring, analyzing, and maximizing the deboning and trimming processes. With the system, data can be collected and analyzed with Innova software, giving a full overview of yield figures, throughput and quality.

With the StreamLine, it is possible to track each product in the line and monitor the efficiency and performance of each individual operator. After trimming, the pork neck is crust frozen and pressed into shape ready for cutting.


The V-Cut 200 portion cutter is designed to cut boneless meat into portions with a uniform shape whilst ensuring optimal material utilization. The portions leave the V-Cut 200 in a singulated flow.

Each pork neck is automatically evaluated by the portion cutter and the most economic cut configuration calculated. This ensures high cutting accuracy and outstanding yields with uniform portion size and shape.


The marinating line incorporates a ValueSpray, a small foot-print spraying module which is designed for wet marinating with an accurate controllable pickup and superb coverage of marinade.

The ValueSpray offers great flexibility for all types of marinade, spices and spray patterns. During spraying, the surplus marinade flows back to the unit’s reservoir and is reused thus minimizing the waste of valuable marinade.

Packing and labeling

The products are automatically shingled according to customer specifications and made ready for packing into trays or thermo former, labeled and dispatched.

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