Advancements in fish processing automation: IFC & Fish Expo Brazil 2023

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Marel participated in the International Fish Congress & Fish Expo Brazil 2023 and encountered a receptive market that is experiencing a growing demand for automation in fish processing. Considered the premier gathering of the Latin American fishery chain, the IFC took place from September 19 to 21 in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil.

Paulo Guth, Marel's Sales Manager for Fish, praised the event's quality. He stated, "We had some very interesting visits and a highly qualified audience. We received inquiries that reflected a higher level of knowledge, and we could see that people are envisioning the future of tilapia in particular." He reported that, in addition to the potential of tilapia fillets for both export and the domestic market, there has been noticeable growth in other species, especially tambaqui, which has been gaining prominence as a cultivated fish, particularly for export, since 2021.

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"Customers who visited our booth demonstrated open-mindedness, regardless of the necessary investment. Even those planning to establish fish processing plants are considering Marel as a goal. All processors we spoke to are genuinely seeking ways to optimize their yields," affirmed Tiago Azevedo, Sales Manager for Software Solutions.

Tiago Azevedo emphasized that this year's audience was more focused and had a better idea of where they wanted to go, even if they were uncertain about how to get there. "This is where Marel made its contribution, primarily through consultancy work, collaborating on solutions that project the business into the future," he said. "In this sector, even customers who don't currently use software have an easier time understanding the importance of solutions in boosting their business. Some of the visitors already have some level of software solution and a culture of analyzing indicators. And some who don't have software solutions already know that they lead to better process analysis," he added.

Consumer demand transformations

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On the 20th, Marel's Global Process Specialist, Benedikt Bergmann Arason, delivered a lecture on the topic "Prospects for seafood processing in light of consumer demand transformations." He discussed the impact of consumer trends on seafood processing and demonstrated that the future belongs to processors who can adapt by investing in cutting-edge technologies, automation, sustainable processing practices, and distribution.

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Solutions for all capacities

During the exhibition, the Marel team showcased how the company is transforming food processing through solutions that meet various production demands, delivering greater efficiency, productivity and uptime.

On display at the stand was the MAJA ESB 4434 WF fish skinning machine, designed to remove skin from fresh fillets, both superficially and deeply.

Standing out for its performance, safety and simple operation, the MAJA ESB 4434 WF is robust, easy to sanitize, has quick-fit parts and fully accessible lids, making maintenance and cleaning a breeze.

Visitors were impressed by the equipment's features and the operating possibilities it offers.

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