Agroprodmash 2021 | 4-8 October

A next level of automation for the Russian market




04-08 October 2021


Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia



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From October 4th to 8th 2021, the ExpoCenter in Moscow, Russia, will host the 26th international Agroprodmash exhibition. At the Marel stand, we will focus on the latest innovative solutions for the poultry, meat, further processing and water treatment industries, giving Russian processors all opportunities to automate their processes.

At our stand, we will welcome you and guide you through Marel's world of food processing. Thanks to our global knowledge, we can find the answers to all local issues, responding adequately to the Russian market requirements.

Poultry solutions

When Russian processors are looking for automation, this can imply the start of entry-level poultry processing plant or the expansion to a multi-line, fully automated high-capacity company. We can offer made-to-measure technologies to cover each process stage, from live bird handling to packing, at every capacity level, from 500 to 15,000 bph.

During the Agroprodmash exhibition, you can get acquainted with the entire range of Marel’s innovative and profitable solutions, able to integrate exactly the level of automation required for the market.

Innova software

Innova Food Processing Software, highlighted at our booth, helps control, track and monitor production in real time. It is possible to start entry-level integration of Innova software by implementing Equipment Monitoring as the first step. Data is provided by grading equipment such as SmartWeigher and IRIS and by machine sensors in the entire processing plant. This information allows Innova to analyze production and anticipate incoming orders.

Software modules can be added to this platform, available for many processes and purposes. Marel has all knowledge available to provide poultry processors with a complete set of data gathering tools and services. This is the ideal starting point to organize a fact-based, digital environment. Operating data-driven processes brings the processor peace of mind. Long-term and short-term planning will be more structured, as all input and output data for production are known. Innova successfully manages to convert this data into carefully defined operations throughout the plant. All processes will run even smoother when they’re controlled and monitored by Innova Food Processing Software.

Further Processing

At Agroprodmash, Marel will demonstrate having plenty of options for convenience food processing. Our flexible convenience line configurations are ideally suited for further processed poultry products, such as tenderloins, wings and chicken burgers, all of them with regular coatings or home-style crumbs.

Such a convenience food line is capable of creating a wide variety of tasty added value products. The non-fixed set-up allows for easy change-overs, from home-style breading to flatbed coating. A typical convenience food line would comprise the RevoPortioner with Helix Drum, Active Batter ApplicatorActive MixerActive Tempura Applicator and the RevoBreader.

Water Treatment

An important subject in contemporary poultry and meat processing is Water Treatment. Russian processors, just like processors all over the world, face main challenges concerning water supply, energy use, increasing operating costs and higher concentrations of pollutants. All these issues require water treatment solutions and systems that comply with local laws and regulations. Marel Water Treatment offers systems capable of purifying water to any desired degree of purification, customized to each individual situation. At the same time Marel supports the processor to save on water use, treatment and elimination of water, at the same time creating ecological, profitable and energy saving systems.

All Marel industries will be represented by a selected team of professionals at Agroprodmash. They will be happy to discuss with you all options for your individual situation, strongly committed to always support you in becoming more successful.

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