How efficiently are you packing your by-products?


We’ve streamlined the entire process of batching, packing and check-weighing by-products. Manual, labor intensive tasks have been removed wherever possible to give you a faster, more efficient way to bulk pack by-products.

Our By-Product Packing System helps you maximize throughput and minimize giveaway. It is the ideal solution for creating bulk packs for export or food service.

Consistently accurate bulk batching

At the heart of the By-Product Packing System is the Marel SpeedBatcher. It outperforms most conventional hopper systems in terms of both speed and accuracy.

It creates extremely accurate batches at very high speed, allowing you to keep giveaway to an absolute minimum and deliver batches of an exact target weight to your customers.

Fast and flexible

The By-Product Packing System can quickly and easily swap from one by-product type to another, so you can maximize your use of all the different by-products. The system's flexibility means you can also use a wide variety of different size boxes for packing.

Easy to operate

The system is easy to use so no specialist operators are required. As the process is automated where possible, labor costs can also be minimized. 

Control, monitor and improve with Innova software

Innova Food Processing Software lets you take complete control of the packing process and optimize overall performance. It provides you with reports on critical factors such as giveaway, throughput and efficiency, allowing you to monitor and adjust the process to ensure every single step is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

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