Improve dispatch data, improve productivity

Implementing a system to keep track of dispatch data is imperative to the productivity of a company.

The dispatch process is an integral part of the food processing industry. Processors need to get the right product to the right customer at the right time - every time. Having visibility over the entire process is key to making it both accurate and efficient.

Dealing With Data

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Hand-written or pre-printed forms have been the traditional approach to dispatch for many years. These systems have their own set of challenges to explore. Issues like the human error factor, which can lead to transposed writing on labels or forms, to events of changing communication and accidental duplication of forms.

Traceability requirements are getting more attention each year and processors need to be able to adapt to them when they change. This means being able to supply evidence quickly not only for regulations but also for handling claims effectively.

Can software improve this process?

Implementing a system to keep track of dispatch data is essential to ensure a company operates at peak productivity. When a processor can keep track of everything by scanning a barcode on a box instead of checking it off on a piece of paper, the overall accuracy increases. Processors no longer find themselves counting a product twice and can even increase their speeds by not having to write everything down and transcribe it later.

What other efficiencies can be gained through software?

To provide a few examples, processors could send the order information to accounting software to improve the efficiency of invoicing. In addition, they could use software to send the shipping information out as an automated shipment notification for the destination.

All of this goes back to the message of how important it is to get the right product to the right customer at the right time - every time. Those very customers have many vendor options to choose from, but having a good system for managing dispatch can give you just the edge you need over the competition.

A breakthrough in production control software

Innova is a production control software that helps processors overcome the challenges of like labeling and distributing products. It covers the complete value chain, including packaging and labeling, palletizing, inventory and dispatch. It brings simplicity, clarity and high performance to the process. It is easy to implement and has a proven track record.

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