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Over 300 visitors from the global salmon industry attended Marel’s sixteenth annual Salmon ShowHow, held in Copenhagen at the company’s demonstration center, Progress Point, 8 February.

With salmon processing challenges compounded by scarce supply and high salmon prices, it is crucial that processors are able to make the most of their raw materials and gain maximum yield.

Today’s event proved a valuable opportunity for processors from 141 companies from all around the world to see how Marel products can help them achieve this.

“In 2017 more than ever, we are constantly working with the industry to help them get more value from less product. Demand and prices for salmon are sky high, so we see a lot of focus on yield,” says Marel’s International Sales Director, David Bertelsen.

He adds; “In the last year, more and more of our customers are taking advantage of our cooperation with DLL, a global financial solutions company, for example using monthly payments to match savings from better yield in new solutions.”


Great interest in new product demonstrations

The pre-release of the MS2720 automatic deheading machine attracted a lot of attention. The machine achieves optimum yield from every fish as it measures each fish and adjusts the cutting tools accordingly. The automatic transfer of the fish from the deheader to the filleting machine minimizes manual handling and helps maintain the best possible product quality.

Demonstrations showed off its new unique cutting principles, fully integrated into Marel’s latest filleting line. This solution offers some of the highest levels of throughput, yield and quality possible for this process.

“It’s been a great day – a unique opportunity to spend a full day with almost 400 people from 31 countries, sharing the same passion for the salmon industry,” says Lars Jöker, Managing Director Marel Salmon.

He continues; “I believe it is our strong partnerships with the industry that make it possible for us to develop breakthrough innovations, like the new deheading machine, that transform the way salmon is processed today, ensuring great value and sustainability.”

Another popular piece of equipment was the new high-speed wraparound linerless M360 Labeler, also launched at this year’s ShowHow. The fully automatic new labeler employs the latest technology in flexible linerless labeling and is designed for premium labeling of all popular tray sizes, as well as being ideal for skin packs.

Extensive range of equipment under one roof

Since its launch in 2001, the one-day Salmon ShowHow has become the world’s premier forum for decision makers from the global salmon industry to see the latest equipment for salmon processing.

Salmon showhow Marel Fish

Visitors enjoyed live demonstrations of a wide range of Marel’s industry leading equipment, and many also stepped into the virtual Innova Office at the event to experience directly how Innova Food Processing Software can add further value to their production.

Patricia Ruiz, IT Manager at Australis Mar, Chile, was attending the ShowHow for the first time and was impressed by the set-up. “We have already implemented Innova and experienced great improvements in teamwork between different departments,” she explains.”

“But being here, it’s a unique opportunity to experience Innova in the context of this event, with the full range of equipment under one roof. It helps you appreciate the benefits of having all the data in one system. With Innova, the data is correct, available and visible in real time,” she says.

Industry insights

Visitors to the event were also treated to specialist insights into how to optimize various aspects of daily operations, with two guest speakers addressing topics relevant to today’s salmon industry:

Kolbjørn Giskeødegård, Director Seafood, Nordea Equity Research, Norway, explained how the strong year (2016) for salmon farmers has corresponded to a demanding year for the processing industry, with some uncertainty about how prices and supply will fare in 2017.

Supply is tight and prices expected to remain sky high, and Giskeødegård’s lecture focused on factors on demand and supply that might challenge this scenario.

Targetbatcher Salmon

Katherine Shade, Consumer Insight Director at Kantar Worldpanel UK, focused on how the consumption of fresh fish differs when bought from the main estate, convenience outlets and online, and how fresh fish processors can tailor their approaches to each customer type to ensure they are making the most of these lucrative channels.

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