Marel Whitefish ShowHow highlights 2016


High-yield cutting to orders, a pre-trim prototype and a wraparound linerless labeler garnered great interest at the 2016 ShowHow.

Marel’s Whitefish ShowHow has been a tremendous success with around 140 visitors from 30 countries meeting in Copenhagen.

The guests, representing over 70 whitefish processing companies, attended live demonstrations and a parallel conference where industry experts and guest speakers addressed a variety of industry trends and challenges.

FleXicut line – Pre-trim prototype

The expanded and updated FleXicut pinbone removal and portioning line received great feedback from guests, especially the new pre-trim prototype unveiled at the event.

"We have mastered the automation of a previously manual labor-intensive process," says David Bertelsen, International Sales Director, Marel Fish “and with the FleXicut system you can now cut directly to orders and deliver primary products with the highest yield possible."

Professional partners

"What we take from this year’s Whitefish ShowHow is the great level of cooperation we have with our customers and partners and the trust that exists between us," says Sigurdur Olason, Managing Director of the Marel Fish Industry Division. "We work closely with both processors and innovation initiatives from various official bodies. The results have been very good so far."

Value added farmed whitefish processing

This year Marel showcased a range of equipment to suit the changing needs in seabass and seabream processing where processors are looking for opportunities to add value to their product, to support growing trends towards convenience and to differentiate their products from the increasingly commoditized whole fish market.

Tilapia in particular is seen as a future low cost protein with superb health and taste benefits. "We agree with processors that we as an industry need to work hard to maximize efficiency in the whole fish value stream," says Bertelsen.

He adds, "We need to ensure the best possible value for consumers who are facing the alternative of buying fish or other traditional proteins such as chicken or pork. It's also been rewarding to receive the feedback at the ShowHow where Marel’s customers identified many technologies that we can transfer and innovate into this growing segment from ground fish and salmon processing."

Marel premiered new high-speed wraparound linerless labeler

From Marel's end-of-line solutions, the new M360 wrap-around labeler stole the show. It is the latest in wraparound linerless labelers that is designed for premium labeling of any type of packs.

The Marel team is very pleased with the ShowHow attendance and the success of the conference program that has been both well attended and well received by processors from around the world.

See for further details on the event, and information on the next Whitefish ShowHow.

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