Meet our new high-quality pinboner with lower water consumption

Pinboner Closeup With Salmon Fillet

The latest edition of our salmon Pinbone Remover is a straightforward machine that effectively does the job without damaging the fish, using less water and is easy to use.

Removing the bones, not the quality

The process of pinbone removal in salmon is a matter of removing the 32 bones in every fillet—a labor-intensive job that, if done by hand, that risks damaging the fillet,  can cause gaping and increase the risk of bacteria. A pinbone remover extracts the bones with a toothed roller as the fillet passes on a conveyor belt below without damaging the fillet.

Pinboner MS 2610 With Salmon Fillet

The MS2610 is a standalone that is an ideal primary machine for automated pinbone removal

A good starting point

The MS 2610 is an excellent primary machine to begin automating your pinbone removal. It can be used as a standalone machine for manual infeed or integrated into a production line, either as a single lane machine or dual lane. The Pinbone Remover has three-speed settings for the pinbone roller to adapt to the fish’s varying conditions. Likewise, the pressure on the pinbone heads can quickly be adjusted by a weight bar if needed. An optional drip tray and a filter unit are available to collect the pinbones and offal under the machine.

Pinboner Water Nozzles MS2610 Close Up

A new type of water nozzle provides optimal cleanliness, decreases water consumption and maximizes performance

Reduced water usage 

We have applied a new type of water nozzle to maintain the tooth roller’s cleanliness for maximum performance at all times. Water consumption is decreased to 5 liters per minute per lane, approximately 20% less than other pinbone removers. The open design and quick-release system on all conveyors make cleaning easy.  

Find out more about the new Pinboner MS 2610 – Pinbone Remover MS 2610 | Marel

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