New Curio and Marel demo and learning facility opens in Scotland

Curio and Marel have opened demonstration and learning facilities in Peterhead, Scotland. This is their first fish demo and learning facility in the UK and reflects their commitment to the region’s fishing industry.

Curio Marel Sales Training On Filleting Platform

The new facility offers a unique opportunity to see live demonstrations of Curio’s heading and filleting machines, in addition to other Marel solutions.

Curio, a whitefish primary processing equipment provider now part of Marel, is delighted to have opened a demonstration and learning facility in Peterhead, Scotland. 

Curio Marel Peterhead Demo And Learning Center

A hands-on customer experience

The opening offers an opportunity to get hands-on with Curio and Marel’s fish processing equipment and technology through demonstrations and training.

Private sessions will allow companies to test fish processing solutions and speak directly with industry experts for advice tailored to their unique challenges. Companies can arrange to bring their own fish to the demo facility and test the fish processing equipment on the actual fish they process.

In addition to demonstrating the technology, the facility will help the companies to engage with the industry by providing training and support to help customers maximize performance and ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

Curio Marel Sales Training On Heading Machine

Prime location

The new facility is strategically located close to the largest whitefish landing port on the European continent. Peterhead sees demersal landings of up to £190 million per year. Marel and Curio are actively engaging with customers, regional organizations as well as local and national governments to help the industry address emerging challenges such as post-Brexit labor shortages and the high price of raw materials. 

Technology is expected to play a growing role in the future development of the regional seafood industry and act as an important factor in preventing seafood products from moving away from Scotland for further processing.

Following the merger of Curio and Marel, customers will benefit from the integration of complementary innovations from the two brands.

Contact our local fish processing experts to arrange a visit.

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