Six ways Innova improves your finished goods management


Innova Food Processing Software helps take the hassle out of finished goods management by making complicated tasks simpler and easier to manage.

With Innova you can:

1. Easily produce directly to orders

Meet crucial delivery times while ensuring accuracy and efficiency throughout production. Innova ensures that your raw materials are used as effectively as possible according to the current order status and production capability.

It helps you shorten your response time to production or order changes. It offers complete support for complex ordering, packaging, and palletizing. Producing only what is on order also makes it easier to prioritize sales and production orders.

2. Gain full control of your inventory

Know your inventory levels at any given point. Innova gives you full control and visibility of your raw material, work in progress and finished goods inventories in real time, providing you with an extensive overview of your products and stock status.

Performing inventory transactions with online mobile scanners ensures real-time information.

3. Simplify your labeling process 

Manage all your labels, printers and settings centrally from your office. Innova’s visual label designer features user-friendly drag and drop options for setting up text fields, barcodes, and images.

You can put all the information you need on a single label and use the same design for multiple languages. Once you have designed a label and assigned it to a product, a customer or an order, you can sit back and let the system do the rest.

4. Reduce losses and optimize your product age level

Know your critical data at all times, including product age, expiry dates and time in inventory. Innova ensures constant, direct access to this valuable information that can reduce losses on expired products and optimize the product age level.

Innova enables you to set up and receive real-time alarms and notifications of expiry times and dates. 

5. Maintain full product traceability

Trace every product from source to shelf. This ensures you can act quickly if any issues arise, to minimize potential recalls and any financial impact. Innova records every process step based on individual animal or lots for all production processes from reception to dispatch.

The software uses various data collection points to link all these elements together into one traceability chain. Accurate traceability allows you to assure customers of the quality and safety of your products. 

6. Optimize the delivery of your finished goods

Pick, palletize, and ship products more efficiently. The Innova dispatch solution enables you to build pallets directly to orders for single or mixed products, assign products to sales orders, assign orders to shipments and create final dispatch documentation.

This user-friendly software tells you which products, packs and pallets have been dispatched, when, where, on which order, and by whom. The software gives you a full overview so that you can have full control of delivery. 

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