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Portioning specialists MAJA and TREIF together for Marel at SÜFFA


The V-Cut 160 portion cutter, Marel's perfect entry-level solution for small and medium-sized businesses looking to cover a wide range of weight-accurate slicing tasks, will be displayed at the booth. The V-Cut 160's footprint is surprisingly small, and its purchase and operating costs are also manageable. With the V-Cut 160, production processes can be optimized and even new portioned products created in a very short time and with minimal effort. Especially when labor is expensive or hard to find, the V-Cut 160 can provide valuable services in automating a wide range of cutting tasks - not only in the industry, but especially for smaller meat processors with high portioning volumes.

In addition to the cutting technology, MAJA will also present proven, durable machines for derinding and membrane skinning, ranging from simple universal derinders for craft businesses to line-capable industrial conveyorized derinders, as in daily use by the world's largest meat processing companies.

Also included are the MAJA flake ice machines, whose ice is used when sausage meat emulsion needs to be cooled in the production of cooked and boiled sausage products.

At the SÜFFA TREIF will present its space-saving and efficient FELIX and ARGON dicers and strip cutters. This opens up a wide range of slicing and grating options for sausage, ham, bacon, meat, vegetables, cheese or fruit. The spacious 96-cutting chamber allows a convenient loading without the need of inconvenient pre-cutting of the products. The hourly output of the FELIX is 0.8 t. ARGON is the most powerful machine in its class with an hourly output of up to 2.0 t (depending on product and filling level).

The PUMA 700 F portion cutter can be used for cutting both - bone-in products such as chops (down to -4°C) and boneless products (e.g. belly slices or smoked pork).

DIVIDER startUp - adapts to your needs

Excellent quality, intelligent operator guidance and a high degree of flexibility are generally basic requirements, not only for industrial machines but also for shop machines. Thus, TREIF presents the new DIVIDER startUp as an entry-level version in the field of slicing. As a mobile stand-alone solution, it complements the successfully established TREIF slicer machine portfolio, which will continuously be offered as a reliable line component with a high degree of automation.

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Experts from Marel will be on hand to introduce some of our most intelligent and efficient equipment and provide you with detailed advice and comprehensive support to help you succeed.

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