VIV MEA 2021 | 22-24 November

During VIV MEA 2021, Marel Poultry will focus on semi and full automation of poultry processing, as this is the road ahead for many Arabian processors.


National Exhibition Center


22-24 November 2021


Abu Dhabi, UAE



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Transforming Arabian poultry processing

At our stand #09.R011, we will particularly emphasize the TargetBatchereviscerationfurther processing and water treatment. VIV MEA will be held in the National Exhibition Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE, from 22 to 24 November 2021.

In Arabian and East-African countries, processing plants are growing in size. Therefore, their level of automation needs to increase too. No matter the capacity, be it 1,000 or 15,000 broilers per hour, Marel Poultry is always able to supply the made-to-measure systems and services with an appropriate level of automation. By connecting our global knowledge to local solutions, we can propose tailor-made solutions to suit the Middle Eastern or African market. We always strive to add the most value to your processes, respecting local, cultural and religious regulations as well as sustainability.


At our Marel booth, we will have on display the TargetBatcher, a system that can have many useful applications in the Middle East. It can be used to reduce giveaway to an absolute minimum when packing fixed-weight styled trays. With 7 high-accuracy individual scales and 14 holding bins, the Target Batcher selects the best combination of products in the fraction of a second. It’s a labor-saving solution because only one operator is needed to feed the system manually. TargetBatcher can handle fresh and frozen cut-up poultry products, breast fillets as well as legs or wings.


We will also zoom in on evisceration. By means of a physical drawing unit, we can show the effective and efficient operation of the Nuova eviscerator. For many years now, Nuova is renowned for rehanging the viscera pack to a separate shackle. In this way, giblet harvesting can be done much more hygienically, optimizing the shelf life of what can be sensible products. In the Middle East and East Africa, chicken livers, gizzards and hearts are sold as separate products and therefore it is useful to carefully process these products. Marel Poultry supplies the appropriate systems and solutions to automate the giblet harvesting processes with optimum yield, quality and hygiene, securing food safety.

Nuova Ev Carrousel

Nuova evisceration system

Further processing

At VIV MEA, Marel will also highlight convenience food production. This will be underlined by the Helix drum on display, the most essential part of the RevoPortioner product former.

Burgers, nuggets, popcorn and other further processed poultry meat products are gaining traction in the Middle East. Our flexible convenience line configurations are ideally suited to apply regular coatings or home-style crumbs to convenience food, creating a wide variety of tasty added-value products. A Marel convenience food line has a non-fixed, flexible set-up, allowing for easy change-overs. A typical line would comprise the RevoPortioner, Active Batter Applicator, Active Mixer, Active Tempura Applicator and the recently launched RevoBreader.

Water treatment

During this edition of VIV MEA, Marel will stress the importance of proper wastewater treatment. Given the environmental requirements and the scarcity of water in many parts of the Middle East and Africa, wastewater treatment has become an important aspect in the industry. A perfect example of Marel’s expertise in water treatment is the Mazzraty project in Qatar. Marel supplied all required, customized solutions, complying with local laws and regulations. The result is an ecological, profitable, water and energy-saving system.

Viv Mea


During VIV MEA 2021 we will have plenty of professionals on board to inform you about all advanced technologies in poultry processing for the Arab and African markets. On behalf of our agents AACE, Inter Brands Representatives and Roots Veterinary Supplies, Giuseppe Caspanni, Rayan Al Dawood and Abdelkarim Lazreg (Maghreb countries) will be available to answer your poultry processing questions. Eric Nab will be on hand to give you an insight into the world of water treatment.

Visit Marel Poultry's stand 09.R011 at VIV MEA and find out how our innovative solutions can support you in transforming your poultry processing operations.

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