ACM-NT Second Joint Wing Cutter

  • Accurate cut
  • Reproducing manual movements
  • Perfect presentation
  • Providing extra yield to the center piece
  • Handling industrial capacities


In Asia, the center wing piece is a high quality end product, which is very much favored by consumers. For a perfect second joint cut, it is very important that as much of the skin between first and second joints as possible is harvested along with the center wing piece.

Cutting to meet Asian requirements 

At the same time, the cut should be fully anatomic, respecting Asian tradition. Taking into account the growing customer demand, as well as human resources and food safety, manual cutting won’t suffice anymore and automation is the only answer to process large quantities of wing center pieces.

The Second Joint Wing Cutter, as a module in the ACM-NT cut-up system, succeeds brilliantly in mechanically reproducing the skilled, manual movements of the traditional Asian cut adding a large piece of skin from the first joint to the center wing piece. The result is a precisely cut center wing piece with an excellent presentation, respecting traditions, and with higher yield for the poultry processor. Virtually no differences can be identified between a manually cut and an industrially cut product.

  • Fully automated inline module in the ACM-NT cut-up system 
  • Automated, complex cutting maneuvers
  • Specifically developed to meet the requirements of the Asian market
  • Easy controlling and adjusting of the settings 
  • Only one single adjustment per flock and weight is needed
  • A hand wheel serves to compensate for flock variations 
  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance
  • Saving labor and rework


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