ATLAS live bird handling system

An efficient transport solution, from farm to plant

  • Vastly improves efficiency
  • Increases levels of animal wellbeing
  • Robust in-plant system ensures high throughput
  • Leads to a decrease in CO2 emissions


Increased levels of animal well-being

The ATLAS supply system is designed to ensure the best possible handling of the birds throughout their journey. During transportation from farm to processing plant, including their entry into the in-plant system, the birds remain comfortably housed in spacious trays. The innovative SmartStack module, featuring a loadable pallet with a customizable number of trays on top, provides best-in-class animal well-being and operational efficiency. Additionally, easily removable side panels enable seamless access to the birds in case of any issues.

Environmentally beneficial

Due to the ingenious design of this module, loading capacity increases dramatically (up to 38%), while bird headroom extends to an industry-leading height. This means fewer truck movements will be required, subsequently leading to strongly reduced levels of carbon dioxide being emitted.


  • Innovative module for transport flexibility 
  • The frameless SmartStack module consists of a pallet and a variable number of self-nesting trays
  • Easily removable side panels enable all-round access to birds 
  • Pallet doubles as an additional tray
  • Venturi principle AirFlo floor—optimum ventilation during transport in all climate zones
  • Large opening speeds up (automatic) loading
  • DOAs can be spotted and removed before the start of the process
  • New design modular washer cleans trays and pallets thoroughly 
  • Automatic system control and tracking options by advanced, easy-to-use software


Enhanced traceability

ATLAS runs with the latest Marel user interface, and connects with Marel’s Innova Food Processing Software. This is the starting point for a plant-wide tracking and tracing system.


Marel offers a range of service solutions to prevent failures, maximize performance or in case of unexpected breakdowns remote or onsite assistance.

Marel has offices in 30 countries across all regions, and a global network of highly skilled professionals that provide remote as well as onsite service support. We provide quality spare parts and customized service agreements for our customers to ensure optimal performance of Marel equipment.

The services available for this product include: 

Repair and exchange program Upgrade kits Critical parts packages
Customer support center Calibration Inspection visits
Training Consumable packages Support Center 24/7
Process consultancy    


Customer stories

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Scott Margo Sechler
Atria Nurmo Factory2022
Walt Shafer Poultry Lines1000
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Pujante Atlas Live Bird Handling Solution

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