Convenience Line Software

Providing insight, control and optimized productivity

  • Consistently meet product specifications
  • Maximize line efficiency and equipment uptime
  • Reduce operator dependency
  • Ensure a reliable, fully digitized QC process
  • Enable effective and timely order fulfillment


Convenience Line Software collects and analyzes data from a processing line to give full insight into production. It lets processors take complete control to realize the full potential of their line and optimize profitability.

Data-driven, profitable decision making

Having a clear overview of key performance indicators, such as yield, throughput, quality and capacity, allows processors to make informed decisions and optimize production, reducing giveaway, making better use of labor and optimizing raw material use.

Maximum product consistency

Convenience Line Software makes it easy to meet the strictest product specifications by maintaining a consistent and controlled production process. It provides a valuable insight into processing, so should there be any deviations from specifications, it's easy to pinpoint and resolve issues or even prevent them from happening.

Optimal line performance

Easy-to-read dashboards give real-time status of equipment availability and performance. This allows problems with the line to be identified and resolved quickly and efficiently, maximizing uptime. Historical reports also help identify areas for focus to optimize overall equipment effectiveness.

Reliable paperless QC process

Convenience Line Software fully digitizes the quality control process. It ensures data is collected accurately, stored reliably and easily accessible for evaluations, audits and recalls. Paper records are a thing of the past.

Benefits for every user

Innova software has many users and is specifically created to help each of them with their challenges when working with a convenience line. 

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Modular and easy to implement

Convenience Line Software is a modular solution that integrates effortlessly with both Marel and third-party processing equipment. It gives you the flexibility to start with a base of essential features and expand your package according to specific business needs and goals as your company grows.


A secure investment

For more than 15 years now, Marel has been committed to delivering innovative software that adds value to food processors worldwide. And our commitment doesn't end once the platform has been purchased. As a committed IT partner, we are dedicated to assisting and supporting food processors throughout the lifetime of their systems.

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