Flexicut Valka Whitefish

Precision pinbone removal with flexible portioning

  • Locates and removes bones as small as 0.2mm
  • Flexible portioning to fixed-weight and style
  • Throughput capacity of 120 fillets in dual-stream option
  • Reduced skilled labor dependency


The FleXicut Valka provides fish fillet processors with advanced pinbone removal and incredible portioning flexibility.

X-ray scanning

Each fillet is x-rayed and scanned to locate bones as small as 0.2mm and record the fillet’s accurate weight, size and density for optimal portioning.

Analyze to optimize

The system optimizes high-product utilization and minimizes raw material waste by analyzing data from individual fillets and choosing the ideal cut angle and length.

Flexible portioning with water-jet robots

Cuts can be made at any angle or curve due to the extraordinary range of motion of the D2 and D3 water-jet robots, providing maximum portioning options and minimal cut-off. 

Options to suit specific needs


The single-stream option enables processors to produce high-complexity cutting patterns in large whitefish fillets. This cutting flexibility also allows flatfish and flounder processors to improve yield with precision trimming of head, tail, fin and frill. Automation ensures minimized cut-off and reduces skilled labor dependency.


Optimize capacity when processing fillets under 300g. The dual-stream option has a throughput speed of up to 60 fillets per minute in single lane or 120 fillets when utilizing both lanes. 

FleXisort Valka 

Automatic routing of portions to multiple product streams according to weight, size and shape. Pin “grippers” gently move portions onto parallel or perpendicular conveyor belts maintaining correct alignment and product spacing.


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