Horizontal Slicer MSC 240

  • High-quality slicing
  • Easy to operate
  • Minimum waste
  • Low investment


The Horizontal Slicer MSC 240 provides top-quality slicing of fresh and cold smoked salmon and similar species. The slicer cuts long and consistent thin slices from the total length of the product. It is a perfect choice for efficient slicing at an affordable price.

The horizontal slicer has a vertical drive to control and adjust slice thickness. The user-friendly control panel enables the operator to adjust slice thickness and knife blade speed. All settings are made at the control panel on the top of the machine, where you can adjust the slice thickness, top stop, bottom stop (skin thickness) and the knife speed.

  • Ideal for value added products.
  • Only one operator required
  • Loading and the clamping of the fillet is done manually
  • Capacity up to approximately 60 kg/h by 1 kg fillets and 2.4 mm slice thickness
  • Electrically and pneumatic driven
  • Delicate parts are protected against moisture, increasing lifespan and simplifying maintenance
  • Easy to operate and clean


Capacity: Up to 60 kg/h based on 1 kg fillets, 2,4 mm slice thickness
Cutting angle: Horizontal
Max product height:   48 mm
Slice thickness: From 1,8 mm
Max cutting width: 240 mm
Max slicing length: 600 mm
Product temperature:   0 to + 4° C
Electricity: 1 x 230V + PE
Power consumption: 0,9 kwh
Compressed air: 400 l/min. min. 8 bar pressure
Dimensions (LxWxH): 1560 x 780 x 1095 mm
Weight: 250 kg



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