Innova for Convenience Lines

Combines product, process and machine data for complete control

  • Real-time data analysis ensures production to specification
  • Continuous OEE insight to improve processing
  • Recipe management ensures product consistency
  • Reliable, digitized QC process


Innova software has many users and is specifically created to help each of them with their challenges when working with a convenience line.

The operator

Innova offers practical guidance to operators, leaving less room for human error. It clearly guides them through machine set up in a convenience line, when to take QC measurements and how to manage ingredients to achieve a stable process, with minimum fluctuation. It also sets limits for each operator on what they are authorized to change in machine program settings.

The Quality Manager

Innova ensures the collection of reliable QC data, giving Quality Managers a real-time insight into production. It ensures the convenience line operates efficiently, producing products that meet all specifications and reduces waste through rework or rejects. All data collected can be found in the system quickly and easily for QC evaluation or for your customers and audits.

The Operations Manager

Innova gives Operations Managers a continuous and real-time insight into production progress with easy to read dashboards and early warnings if processing runs outside specification, allowing fast intervention. In addition, access to historical data makes it quicker and easier to trouble shoot and solve problems. As well as this, recipe management ensures the same starting point for each product.

The Maintenance Manager

Innova provides direct insight into equipment status and performance and generates alarm reports, which include information on Overall Equipment Effectiveness. This makes it possible to easily determine focus areas for improvements.

The Plant Manager

Innova helps ensure a profitable organization. It gives Plant Managers direct insight into processing through run-charts, live dashboards and reports. This ensures a constant production process and that production is according to product specification.


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