MAJA EASY Membrane Skinner

Profitable refinement of your meat cuts made easy

  • The smallest membrane skinner for butcheries
  • Value-adding process
  • Gentle skinning–increased yield
  • Small footprint


Why machine-based membrane skinning?

  • Membrane skinning means refining precious meat cuts and adding value.
  • Time savings by faster processing of the cuts
  • Increased throughput
  • Excellent product quality as the meat surface remains intact–no notches due to imprecise skin removal by hand knives, which can lead to drying out and to a considerable loss of quality
  • Membrane-skinned meat looks delicious–can be sold at a high price
  • Expert results regardless of the operator's skill level


The MAJA EASY removes membranes from any type of round-shaped meat cuts, e.g. pork, veal, beef, game, poultry and horse, as well as lamb, ostrich or kangaroo. It is the ideal solution for companies starting with the membrane skinning technology, for small and medium-sized butcheries and for producers of high-quality meat specialties.


  • START/STOP of the skinning process is controlled by a comfortable foot pedal with ergonomic design
  • For an always perfect skinning result, the transport roller is continuously cleaned from residual meat particles and membranes–no interruption of the skinning process
  • Two cleaning system options: Choose between MAJA three-roller cleaning or compressed air cleaning 
  • Easy, tool-free knife change with quick-locking device
  • No removal of the knife holder for cleaning
  • Fast and easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Flexible installation and space-saving structure–a strong advantage for confined facilities
  • Can be used in production facilities and deboning departments, but also in the sales area of butcher shops and supermarkets
  • High safety standard in accordance with the EU regulations EN 12355 for skinners
  • GS seal of approval for safety, tested by the German body BGN
  • Hygienic machine design for optimum sanitary conditions


Cutting width 341 mm 341 mm
Width of machine 753 mm 753 mm
Depth of machine 621 mm 621 mm
Height of machine 994 mm 994 mm
Electrical connection
0,55 kW 0,55 kW
Weight 165 kg 165 kg



Continuous transport roller cleaning without compressed air by MAJA 3-roller cleaning system. For highly flexible and connection-independent machine installation.
EASY/1 Continuous transport roller cleaning by compressed air. Ideal solution if mainly beef cuts have to be skinned. For easy and thorough cleaning of the skinning area, the compressed air nozzle bar can be put into a cleaning position.


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