Salmon Deheader MS 2720

Uniform, high-precision cutting

  • Improves fillet quality
  • Automatic transfer and size adjustment to increase productivity
  • Ensures optimum yield on every fish


Automatic transfer to filleting

The deheaded fish can be transferred automatically to the Filleting Machine, reducing the need for manual handling and improving the flow.

Uniform cutting

>The fish is measured before each of the different cuts (neck, shoulder, and tail) to achieve the best cutting result while also maximizing yield.

  • Can process up to 20 fish per minute
  • Low water consumption
  • Automatic size adjustment 2-10 kg


Capacity*: Up to 20 fish/min.
Fish length: 500-950 mm
Fish width: 58-120 mm
Fish height: 100-225 mm
Fish weight: 2-10 kg
Compressed air: 250 liters/min. at 6-8 bar
Water consumption: 4 liters/min.
Power consumption: 10 kW
Dimensions LxWxH: 3400 x 2100 x 2840 mm
Weight: 3,500 kg
Electricity standard**: 3x400v + N + PE 50 Hz

* Depending on the condition of the fish

** Optional electricity available


Real-time monitoring with Innova

The salmon deheader module generates reports on machine efficiency for the entire production. It also provides detailed information on the performance of the deheader defined by the throughput and yield in comparison to the targeted goals.


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