Develop inhouse skills for proper handling and control of your equipment

  • Ensures your personnel maintenance and product knowledge is up-to-date 
  • Develops in-house expertise to act as first line of support  
  • Reduces risk of accidents 
  • Reduces damage, stoppages and costs 


Our customer training puts you in total control of your equipment. Marel experts can help your organization gain maximum benefit from your solutions by training operators on how to configure the equipment for maximum performance or training maintenance teams on recommended daily routines and checks. This ensures that you sustain the best production output. It can also include training cleaning personnel on the most effective methods for sanitizing or cleansing while preventing damage to your investment. 

Training your personnel reduces risk of accidents and will ensure new and existing personnel are able to contribute to plant efficiency and reinforce best practices. It also ensures that your staff has the qualifications to take responsibility for improving production. 

Training and proper handling of equipment will extend equipment lifetime as daily maintenance and performance checks are done in a correct manner and thus maintain equipment uptime and availability, maximize performance, productivity, and profit. 

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We have an extensive global sales and service network that stretches over 30 countries and six continents. Wherever you are, Marel’s sales and service specialists are close by and ready to help. We are always striving to enhance our global reach while never forgetting our local focus.

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