V-Cut 200 PortionCutter

Full optimization of raw material

  • Precise fixed-weight cutting
  • Excellent yield of fixed-weight and shaped portions
  • Shingle portions for automatic tray packing
  • User-friendly
  • Hygienic and easy to clean


The Marel V-Cut 200 volumetric portioning machine is designed to cut boneless, crust-frozen meat into fixed-weight portions with uniform shape. The meat product in its original shape is placed into a portioning mold with unique side press function for uniform looking products and enabling downstream automation.

Cutting applications

  • Pork loins, silverside, topside, knuckle, neck
  • Beef silverside, striploin
  • Poultry and turkey breast
  • etc.

Fixed weight

Accurate portions are delivered either individually or stacked together into a fixed-weight batch. Trim pieces can be removed automatically.

Delivering shingled products

The V-Cut 200 delivers either single portions for direct packing, or for a marinating process, and shingled portions in fixed weight batches for manual or automatic tray packing.

Optimal product utilization

Volumetric portioning and optimization software ensures maximum product utilization. The V-Cut 200 is designed to deliver multiple portion sizes and weights.


Width of machine 650 mm
Length of machine 2200 mm
Height of machine 2770 mm


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