V-Cut 240

Creates fixed-weight portions, cubes and strips with uniform shape

  • Multiple product types
  • Quick and easy changeovers
  • Uniform shape and weight
  • Maximum yield
  • Highest levels of operator safety


Multiple product types

Different shapes of infeed mold allow various products to be created, including steaks, minute steaks, schnitzels, beef roulade, pork chops, meat cubes and meat strips.

Perfect presentation

Single, fanned and shingled portions can be delivered in fixed weight batches for manual or automatic tray packing. First and last cuts are automatically identified and discharged separately.

Uniform shape and weight

For a uniform look, meat is placed into a mold and formed before being cut into fixed-weight, fixed-shape portions. The superior spiral knife ensures the quality of the cut and consistency of the slice thickness. Modern servo drive technology ensures the most efficient and precise portioning result.

Flexible portioning programs

Advanced software allows portions to be created with either optimized weight, consistent slice thickness or optimized yield.

Continuous meat infeed

A rotating chamber system ensures continuous infeed of raw material so that portioning can take place without interruption and with minimal non-productive time.


V-Cut 240 Tower 625  Tower 750
Cutting capacity approx. 40 - 240 cuts / min. approx. 40 - 240 cuts / min.
Slice diameter 50 mm - 300 x 130 mm 50 mm - 300 x 130 mm
Slice thickness 2 - 70 mm 2 - 70 mm
Product height up to 625 mm  up to 750 mm
Width of machine 997 mm (39.25'') 997 mm (39.25'')
Depth of machine 1879 mm (73.74'') 1879 mm (73.74'')
Height of machine 3125 mm (123.0'')
transport height 2100 mm (82.7'')
3475 mm (136.8'')
transport height 2275 mm (89.6'')
Portion outlet height 869 mm (34.1'') 869 mm (34.1'')
Electrical connection approx. 17 kW approx. 17 kW
Current consumption max. 25 A max. 25 A
Machine weight approx. 1350 kg (2970 lbs) approx. 1500 kg (3300 lbs)



V-Cut 240 with 625 mm tower

V-Cut 240 with 750 mm tower


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