Weighing Station

Determine the weight of whole products

  • Reliable and accurate weighing
  • Weighbridge ensures a stable process
  • Supplies information for distribution decisions
  • Connection to Innova PDS software


The Weighing Station ensures reliable weighing of whole products in the distribution line. It is part of the logistic control system: based on the weight information and connected to Innova PDS software, distribution of whole products can be done. By means of unloading stations and batching hoppers after the weighing module, different weight categories can be separated. Products which fall outside the specifications can proceed to the cut-up section.

Guides and sensors

The Weighing Station is able to weigh whole products suspended from distribution-line shackles (one-leg GS shackles or two-leg GD shackles), while they're moving fast. No need for the shackles to pause for a moment. Trolleys with shackles and products move through the weighing frame via the infeed guide. The weighing starts when the shackle passes the start sensor and stops when the shackle passes the stop sensor after that.

Load cell

The Weighing Station features a weighbridge, a suspended mechanical construction with a load cell. A load cell is a force transducer which converts a mechanical force into an electrical signal that can be measured. In the Weighing Station the weight of the product determines the value of the electrical signal. The logistic control system changes the value of the electrical signal into a weight value of the product. It guards the weighing process by making accurate and reliable weighing possible, without objects outside the weighbridge affecting the weighing. The Wieghing Station is equipped with dampers, so that products do not swing and vibrations cannot affect the weighing.

With the operator panel, the Weighing Station can be calibrated. When connected to Innova, this can be done from a central control room.



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