TD9 Tray Diverter

Main benefits

  • Ergonomic packing operation
  • Improved workflow – reduces bottlenecks
  • Traceability at pack, box and pallet level
  • Easy removal and replacement of non-conforming packs
  • Compatible with Innova software


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The TD9 Tray Diverter collates product trays into fixed count or fixed weight boxes of packs and creates totalized labels.

Fixed count

In fixed count grading mode, the channels are filled according to a set piece count. When the target count has been reached, the next channel starts filling and the operator can accept the batch and print a label for the batch. Alternatively, the operator can cancel the batch and utilize the reorder facility if needed.

Fixed weight

In fixed weight grading mode, a weigh price labeler – or another input device like a barcode scanner – captures and transmits weight, price and pack information to the grader. The TD9 then diverts each pack, according to its weight, into either one of its channels. Each channel collates the packs to reach the optimized target box weight.


  • Fixed count grading mode
  • Fixed weight grading mode
  • Totalized labels
  • Full traceability


Tracks all pack and batch information

The reorder functionality ensures that non-conforming or damaged packs can be quickly and easily removed from a batch. The removed pack is replaced automatically from the product flow thus eliminating batch rework.

Innova also tracks independent totals at box, pallet and job level, including item, weight and price. Labels for these totals are printed and registered by Innova or another production management system.


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