Fieravicola 2019

During the Fieravicola exhibition, held in Forli in Italy from March 27-29, Marel Poultry is proud to highlight its latest, innovative developments. The main focus will be on poultry processing with capacities reaching up to 15,000 bph, while keeping full control of all operations. Part of that is the ATLAS live bird handling system, while further downstream the process, the Thigh Fillet System, AMF-i intelligent breast cap filleting and RevoPortioner with Helix Drum can also cope with high speeds.

To Marel Poultry, 15,000 bph is a proven solution, which has all systems set for optimal efficiency and highest quality standards without compromises: from live bird handling to chilling and distribution line. Important components that “think fast” in such a high-speed line are LineLink transfer units and Innova software – both adding to full traceability.

LineLink transfer system
LineLink transfer system


The new ATLAS live bird handling system is a revolutionary solution that gives high attention to animal well-being, while rising efficiency considerably. Thanks to the ingenious design of the SmartStack transportation module, loading capacity can increase up to 38%, which means fewer truck movements and less CO2 emission. At the same time, more space is available per bird¬, with record-high 27cm head room, stress levels are down and hygiene is up.

Automated filleting

Automation is an important theme in times when it’s getting harder to find skilled manual labor for poultry processing operations. Therefore, it is logical for Marel Poultry to focus on automated in-line deboning solutions such as AMF-i and Thigh Fillet System during Fieravicola.

AMF-i automatically detects the size of breast caps fed to the system. Deboning modules downstream then adjust themselves automatically accordingly, resulting in top yield adaptive filleting with no human input needed.

Thigh deboning can be completely automated, without any human intervention needed. The deboning carousels achieve a highly efficient and consistent “skilled butcher’s cut”, harvesting the most valuable meat. The resulting thigh fillet is a high-quality product, ready for retail sale.

Further Processing

The famous RevoPortioner produces perfectly portioned products at low pressure while retaining the texture and structure of the raw material. The end products will always have the same shape, weight, and size and be of uniform quality, exactly according to your wishes. Thanks to our patented Helix Drum the flow of meat will be constant, supporting an optimum and more consistent end product.

Please address our poultry processing experts at stand # 54 in Hall C at Fieravicola from March 27th to 29th. They will be delighted to enter into detail and provide you with personalized information and advice.