Seafood Expo North America

Smarter processing technology
Join Marel in Boston this year to explore the latest in fish processing technology. In addition to demonstrations of equipment at stand #825 we will offer VR (virtual reality) experiences showing some of Marel’s latest innovations for both salmon and whitefish.

This year, Marel is shining a spotlight on:


Create value-added products and deliver custom-made portions directly to orders. Our portion cutters offer the latest in innovative cutting patterns for loin and fillet cuts.


If all the Marel filleting machines around the world were running at the same time, they would process around 700,000 salmon per hour!

Automatic back and belly trimming reduces the need for manual trimming, and the new PaceInfeeder improves filleting quality by ensuring the fish enter the machine at a steady pace and in the correct position for cutting.


Data is increasingly valuable in today’s hi-tech processing environment and connectivity is now a linchpin in fish processing facilities. Innova Food Processing Software is an integral part of our processing equipment and solutions.


The automation of bone removal with FleXicut—now released for both whitefish and salmon—raises productivity and greatly improves product handling and yield.

Whether you’d like to explore how to further automate your production or how one of our new products could benefit your factory, our specialists will be happy to sit down and discuss how we can take your seafood processing to the next level.

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