VIV Asia 2019

From manual to automated processing

During VIV Asia, taking place in Bangkok, Thailand from 13 to 15 March, Marel Poultry will show how the progress from manual to automated processing can support South-East Asian processors in solving many issues in terms of efficiency, yield, food safety and labor independency. The highlighted processing steps will be automated cut-up, automated deboning, automated X-ray inspection and convenience food production.

Using these focus areas with their respective innovations, Marel Poultry demonstrates its ability to guide processors smoothly on their way from automated to automated poultry processing.


Following the “cutting-edge” manual cutting demonstration in 2017, Marel Poultry will recapture this successful live presentation during VIV Asia. Our in-house cutting expert will show how our skillful cut up and deboning systems go about to achieve the highest quality, most precise cuts and maneuvers. One of his demos will focus on breast fillets and tenderloins, showing how our AMF-i breast cap filleting equipment succeeds in mimicking the complicated manual filleting actions of skilled staff.


The AMF-i system itself is physically present on our booth, featuring windowed panels. We will run live AMF-i demonstrations, using actual meat products, so you can see for yourself how the system operates to attain its top performance. To make life easier for poultry processors, we have added adaptive intelligence to the process. It’s no longer needed to manually select a product size-related recipe. Deboning module settings downstream adjust themselves automatically to the measured product size, resulting in top yield adaptive filleting with no human input needed.


During the live manual cutting demo, our expert will also demonstrate how our ACM cut-up system goes about. This flexible system is capable of adjusting to specific South-East Asian demands regarding leg and wing cutting. Thanks to the modular set-up and flexible adjustment options, exact cuts can be performed, similar to traditional manual cuts made by skilled staff. That’s why the ACM-NT lines feature modules such as the JL processor for leg cutting and the Second Joint Wing Cutter for typical wing cutting.

The ACM system can also be set up to perform typical QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) cuts. Fast food chains can have their own specific cut-up requirements; they may need 8 or 9 pieces within a tight weight range. Consistent cutting to specification is the strong point of Marel Poultry’s automated ACM cut-up system. The modular system can activate, deactivate and adjust modules to adapt to changing order requirements and can be integrated in-line or functioning stand-alone.

Food safety

Also on display on our VIV Asia booth is the SensorX system. Marel Poultry will run live demonstrations with this piece of X-ray inspection equipment too, using real poultry meat, to show the flawless detection of small bones and other contaminants (metal, stone, glass). Its detection capabilities are still unprecedented; no wonder the SensorX has remained the market leader, giving food processors a safer, more valuable, boneless product.


Food safety is vital in the poultry processing industry and necessary to maintain brand loyalty. The SensorX bone detection system is the most efficient and cost effective way to detect and remove bones and particles from deboned poultry products. SensorX’s latest software version ensures the absolute lowest false positive rate in the industry and detects those difficult to find bone fragments even more accurately. This means less rework and fewer operators, enhancing still further the machine’s already excellent performance.

Further processing

Marel will also highlight its famous RevoPortioner during VIV Asia. The physical presence of RevoPortioner will allow you to touch and feel this impressive piece of equipment, featuring the new Helix Drum.


RevoPortioner performs an automated task which can hardly be done by human labor. It produces perfectly portioned products at low pressure while retaining the texture and structure of the raw material. The end products will always have the same shape, weight and size and be of uniform quality, exactly according to customers’ wishes. The patented Helix Drum will ensure low pressure forming with continuous filling. The pressure of the meat pump is more consistent, resulting in a constant flow of meat.

Therefore, the process is more reliable and robust, supporting an optimum and more consistent end product and a much higher production volume potential.

You’re kindly invited to visit the Marel Poultry stand (stand number H098.4550) at VIV Asia in the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre from 13 to 15 March 2019. We’ll have plenty of experts available to inform you about all of the innovative solutions mentioned above and how they can support you in making your poultry processing operations even more successful.