Whitefish ShowHow 2017

Join us for a day of lectures, presentations and hands-on demonstrations of our industry-leading equipment and software solutions.

Join us to explore the future of fish processing

This unique event brings together processors of both wild and farmed whitefish from all over the world to discuss the latest advances and hear guest speakers address some of today’s key processing challenges.


  • DISCOVER Marel’s advanced equipment and new software solutions and gain valuable insights from experts with lectures and presentations throughout the day.
  • MEET our specialists as well as colleagues and customers from the global whitefish industry.
  • ENJOY the program in a relaxed atmosphere followed by an exclusive dinner arrangement at one of Copenhagen’s finest restaurants.


With hands-on demonstrations running throughout the day, we will show how our industry-leading equipment and software solutions help processors organize their daily production and address the critical factors that affect raw material utilization, processing times, labor costs and food safety.

One of the highlights will be the demonstration of the latest additions to the revolutionary FleXicut pinboning and portioning system – with new features that make the entire line virtually hands free.


Presentations by guest speakers and our own specialists will cover a variety of key topics relevant to modern whitefish processing trends, innovations and specific processes.

Find out from globally recognized seafood industry experts how market dynamics are changing in the whitefish sector, what lessons can be learned from the salmon industry, how the latest packaging innovations are improving quality, and more.

More information

For more information, contact us at: whitefish@marel.com

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