Quality Seafood Deserves Quality Processing

The Importance of Quality in Seafood Processing

Processors need to know that they are receiving quality raw materials and producing quality end products. Ultimately, they need to be able to guarantee the quality of their products for consumers.

Key factors that determine or measure quality in seafood processing include:

  • Raw material sources
  • Traceability
  • Handling – both of raw materials & throughout processing
  • Bone-free surety
  • Levels of contaminants
  • Use of raw materials
  • End-product range

Helping You Ensure Quality

Our fish processing equipment, systems, and software are designed to ensure quality throughout your production. We can help you:

  • Monitor your suppliers
  • Ensure better handling in the receiving process
  • Automatically optimize the use of raw materials
  • Maximize the use of high-value cuts
  • Produce new products
  • Reduce handling throughout processing
  • Automatically detect & remove bones & other contaminants
  • Safeguard quality assurance
  • Improve & maintain the performance of your equipment

To find out how, browse our products or contact your local Marel sales representative.