A Value-Adding Salmon ShowHow

11 Feb 2015

The 2015 Salmon ShowHow, held in Copenhagen 11 February, attracted a record number of visitors, with over 300 guests representing 150 companies from 30 countries around the world.

Ongoing product demonstrations at Marel’s Progress Point facility show visitors the full potential of the company's equipment in a hands-on environment. Representatives of all types of salmon processors, big and small, have been seeing for themselves how Marel can help them meet the growing international demand for high-value salmon products.

Optimizing Yield through Advanced Automation

In the salmon industry today, with salmon prices expected to remain high, it’s more important than ever for processors to be able to make the best use of the raw material. The best way to optimize yield is to use advanced automatic processing methods, which is what visitors to the Salmon ShowHow come to see each year.

We’ve been demonstrating a wide range of filleting systems today that cover all types of processing needs, from basic lines with a greater level of manual trimming, to highly advanced lines with automatic trimming and much less of a footprint.

Among the filleting line demonstrations was the world premiere of filleting with back and belly trimming; two groundbreaking and unique new features we’ve introduced to the MS 2730 Filleting Machine in the past year. 

"We’ve included trimming functions in a filleting machine because this creates value for our customers," Marel’s Lars Jöker explains. "The equation is simple – if we bring up the yield, we bring up the margin and the profitability of our customers. The Filleting Machine’s new features improve yield and save on skilled labour costs as it reduces the need for manual trimming."

Among the salmon slicers on display, the sophisticated I-Slice 3300 Retail Pack Slicer was the main highlight. In addition to creating fixed weight or fixed number batches, the I-Slice is able to place slices in a unique way directly onto the belt for feeding into vacuum packs without using boards. This is the first line of its kind and makes the packing process more environmentally friendly, as well as reducing costs.

Pre-Release Product Demonstrations

The Salmon ShowHow not only demonstrates new and proven equipment, but also gives processors a glimpse of what's around the corner in terms of upcoming product launches and developments, with preview demonstrations of yet-to-be-launched products, and workshops that provide expert insights into the future of salmon processing.

One of the exciting new innovations being demonstrated at this year’s Salmon ShowHow is the new SensorC, which accurately color grades salmon fillets and automatically detects defects such as pearl stripes and melanin or blood spots. The ability to automatically remove defect fillets has a major impact on quality, as well as labor costs.

Virtual Office

The brand new ‘Innova Office’ at Progress Point has been open to visitors for the first time today. This room is designed to give processors a real sense of how Marel’s Innova Software Solutions can further add value to their production. Innova constantly delivers the tools that enable salmon processors to improve performance in terms of yield, throughput, efficiency, quality and food safety, and stock levels and movement. 

The software focus at the Salmon ShowHow this year is on Packing and Labeling, the Smokehouse Salmon Solution, and Quality Control, and two Innova workshops were held at the event today: the first about how to use Innova to build traceability into every process step of the production; and the second about ‘Improving Performance with OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)’.


A Value-Adding Salmon ShowHow