AgraME Awards Stork AeroScalder

29 Mar 2013

At the AgraME tradeshow in Dubai, the Stork AeroScalder won the AgraME award for the 'Best New Poultry Product for Gulf Market'.

This award is another boost for the successful all new Stork AeroScalder and a confirmation of Marel Stork Poultry Processing’s position as global technology leader for poultry processing solutions.

AGRAme Awards

The AeroScalder introduces a new scalding concept that uses humidified hot air for scalding broilers. The scalding system has several advantages: it saves up to 75% of water, up to 50% of energy and broilers are no longer immersed into scalding water. Furthermore there is virtually no cross contamination during scalding.

Acknowledgement for AeroScalder
The AgraME award is the second award for the AeroScalder. Last year at EuroTier it received the EuroTier Golden Innovation award. The AeroScalder is the result of years of research into a completely new scalding concept. Since its introduction in 2012 several poultry processors decided to install the AeroScalder in their plant. Adam Hazeldene, Technical Services Manager from Hazeldene´s says:”The AeroScalder is an integrated system that is good for everyone, the environment and the productivity. It has improved efficiencies and streamlined our operation.”

AgraME Awards
2013 is the first year that AgraME rewards innovative solutions in various categories, poultry processing being one of them. Richard Pavitt, Exhibition Director of AGRA Middle East said: “The AgraME awards are an excellent reference to pay tribute to the outstanding achievements of individuals, departments, teams and organizations that have contributed to the growth and development of the agricultural, poultry and landscaping industry across the region. All the winners were well deserved and we congratulate them on their achievements.”

The Stork AeroScalder is one of many innovative poultry processing solutions that are introduced recently.
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