Baiada Poultry rules the roost

30 Jul 2015

Baiada Poultry Australia

Whether at a beach barbecue, a campfire in the outback or on the run at one of Australia’s numerous quick service restaurants, Aussies love their chicken. At 45kg (100 pounds) per person per year, Australia joins the USA and Brazil at the top of the world chicken meat consumption league.

At the top of the Australian hen house sits Baiada Poultry, a family business based in the Western suburbs of Sydney. The company first started producing chicken meat on an industrial scale some fifty years ago, growing steadily until 2009, when the take-over of Bartter Enterprises Pty doubled production volumes overnight.

Baiada now processes some four million broilers per week at eight processing plants across Australia.

“Our experience over the years has taught us that we can always trust Marel Stork to deliver an outcome. We have absolute trust in Marel Stork, its management and its technical capability. What better and more powerful endorsement of a successful forward looking partnership!”
- Simon Camilleri, Managing Director of Baiada Poultry

Marel Stork and Baiada – partners in innovation

Baiada Poultry Australia

Baiada Poultry’s relationship with Marel Stork began about twenty years ago and has grown ever since. The Company now operates the full range of Marel Stork primary and secondary processing equipment, from live bird handling right through to cut-up, deboning, bone inspection and further processing systems.

Simon Camilleri, Managing Director of Baiada Poultry, sees great opportunities for further growth within the industry but opportunities also bring challenges. This is where the relationship with Marel Stork really comes center stage. Simon Camilleri: “Marel Stork is always innovating, looking five to ten years ahead. We too are innovators and want our processing efficiency to stay “ahead of the curve”. We are perfectly aligned!”

Nuova evisceration – the Baiada Poultry standard

Baiada has just bought its ninth Nuova, now the standard for all plants. Simon Camilleri: “Food safety is crucially important to us. Marel Stork’s VO-20 vent opening machine and Nuova eviscerator guarantee clean carcasses with no contamination and no need for back-up.

The system operates at the highest line speeds, up to 13,500 bph (225 bpm) and handles the wide range of weights and the heavier broilers we have here in Australia, up to 4kg (8.8 lbs) live weight. We harvest the full range of giblets fully automatically for retail and pet food customers.”

Steggles Fresh Chicken packs

CAS ticks welfare and quality boxes

Baiada Poutry stuns their poultry using controlled atmosphere at most of its plants. The first Marel Stork CAS Multiphase system was installed in 2006: “Controlled atmosphere stunning has transformed our process. We now have the highest level of animal welfare, top quality breast meat with no blood spots and the best possible environment for our staff, as shackling is now much easier too – in short, a great result all round,” Simon Camilleri said.

Baiada Poultry has ordered two of the latest CAS SmoothFlow systems as part of a large project to substantially increase processing capacity. The systems, to be commissioned later this year, will work at up to 13,500 bph (225 bpm) on broilers of up to 3.8kg (8.3 lbs) live weight.

ACM-NT and FHF-XB: the perfect secondary process

Baiada Poultry operates Marel Stork cut-up and front half de-boning equipment. ACM-NT is favored for its consistently accurate high yield cuts (also KFC nine piece cut) and for its operational reliability. Five FHF-XB front half deboners have demonstrated their ability to process a wide range of often heavy front half weights into high quality breast meat. Where installed, they have halved deboning costs.

Preventive maintenance contracts slash downtime and COO

Baiada Poultry strives to get the most out of its processing sites. Besides putting as much weight through its plants as possible, this also means keeping downtime to a minimum. The company signed its first preventive maintenance agreement (PMS) with Marel Stork four years ago. This covered both spare parts and service visits by Marel Stork engineers. The contract has been renewed every year since and now takes in Marel Stork equipment at all plants.

Simon Camilleri: “This is the best thing we ever did. Downtime is significantly less and cost of ownership is lower too. Marel Stork engineers have also helped us upskill our plant management. Your people always see the bigger picture behind individual machine performance. We really appreciate the depth of your technical and technological back-up. It’s good to know that competent local engineers are supported by a large team of specialists in Europe”.

“The bottom line is trust!”

Camilleri continues: “Our experience over the years has taught us that we can always trust Marel Stork to deliver an outcome. We have absolute trust in Marel Stork, its management and its technical capability. What better and more powerful endorsement of a successful forward looking partnership!”

More on Baiada

Baiada Select PoultryBaiada is vertically integrated with its own breeder farms, hatcheries, growing farms, primary and further processing plants. The company also processes turkeys. Chicken products are sold under the Lilydale (free range), Steggles and RSPCA endorsed (grown to stricter welfare standards) supermarket “own label” brands.

The well-established Steggles brand had been acquired with the take-over of Bartter. Approximately 45% of production is sold whole with the remainder being cut and de-boned. Major customers are the large supermarket chains and all the big international fast food names.

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