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Cedrob Continuous Grow Path

16 Apr 2013

Polish poultry market gets first 12,000 bph. greenfield

Andrzej Gozdzikowski, Cedrob
Making the best products, together with our people here in this beautiful region, always striving for higher efficiency and growth, both in quality, quantity and product diversity: that’s what we stand for.

It is the availability of the latest technology that is very important to us. We know that Marel Stork Poultry Processing can deliver that, now and in the future. The all new broiler processing plant is the latest proof of this.

These are the words of Mr. Andrzej Goździkowski, proud co-owner of Cedrob, one of the largest poultry meat producers in Poland. Cedrob is a fully vertically integrated company, controlling the whole production chain, from feed production, parent stock, eggs and broiler production, up to slaughter, further processing and all of the marketing. Mr. Goździkowski: “We can therefore always ensure optimum quality and efficiency, something we work on every day. We always look for that balance between local efficiency and meeting the stringent product requirements and expectations of the national and international markets.”

Automatic catching and loading

To give an example! Let’s take a look at the catching and loading of broilers prior to their transport to the processing plant. Thanks to the Stork GP live bird handling system, we are the first company in Poland to catch and load broilers on farm automatically. This another step forward in improving efficiency, which was only possible because we were able to change the concept of our growing sheds.

Nuova, a basis of trust

“Marel Stork is a reliable partner that delivers high quality work. What we especially appreciate is the skillful, serious and thorough approach and input of technology. We experienced that a few years ago when we equipped our existing plant in Niepolomice (10,500 bph poultry processing plant) with the Stork Nuova evisceration line. The way it went and quality the line delivers gave us the confidence to build an entirely new plant.”

Cedrob, Poland Partners in Technology

When the project ‘Cedrob Greenfield’ started up a few years ago, it immediately became clear that Cedrob is a knowledgeable customer who knows in detail what it wants and understands what solutions are possible. During the process there was a good cooperation in working out the various possible solutions. It was the commitment of local people with the right knowledge and experience of the Polish poultry market that proved to be indispensable. Mr. Goździkowski continues: “During the process of designing the new plant we worked side by side to create the most suitable solution for us. We could always rely on the local Marel Stork team. Wojciech Waczkowski is our valuable local first point of contact.”

Pole position with valuable innovations

“The market demands the best and the most up-to-date,” says Mr. Goździkowski, “Everyone knows that Marel Stork has the latest technology. They invest a lot in this. I know that if I continue to grow, I will get what is new in the market, making it possible for me stay in pole position, to deliver products that are the best.

Cedrob keeps on growing

Cedrob has a clear growth strategy. For some years now they have been investing heavily in strengthening the entire production chain. The new feed mill and hatchery are clear examples of this. They meet the latest standards and have contributed to the strong growth of Cedrob. With its all new broiler processing plant, Cedrob is the largest producer of chicken meat and products in Poland. The new plant is the first full 12,000 bph (200 bpm) facility in Poland. For Cedrob this certainly is not the end. The company anticipates further growth opportunities in the near future. Marel Stork will again seek to be the appropriate partner in technology for this thriving Polish company.

With large investments in the last decade, Cedrob S.A. has become a dedicated leader in the Polish poultry production market. Besides the production of geese products, the Company focuses strongly on broiler production. In The Company’s headquarters are in Ciechanow near Warsaw and it is there that both the current poultry production plant (with a capacity of 8,000 bph, 133 bpm), as well as the completely new Marel Stork Poultry Processing plant with a capacity of 12.000 bph (200 bpm) are located. The plant houses a complete and integrated Marel Stork production line, including the live bird handling system, evisceration, chilling up to automatic cut-up, deboning and all kind of batching options.

With the commissioning of the new plant, that will also include water treatment and rendering, Cedrob will be the biggest Polish producer of broiler meat and further processed broiler products.

Cedrob poultry products

The product variety is enormous. Besides whole products, all kind of cuts and of course breast fillets, the company produces fine cold meats, hams, pates, smoked products, sausages and all kind of coated and cooked convenience products. Almost all geese products are exported to Germany, an important export market for Cedrob. Besides Germany and many other EU countries the Polish company exports to various Asian and African countries as well.

“Our priority is constant improvement in the quality of products made with specialized, high-tech equipment that is being systematically improved and modernized. The constant introduction of positive changes makes us better and more competitive with each passing day.”