Feet Processing: a Fully Grown Part of the Primary Process

08 Jan 2013

Poultry feet processingFor a long time now feet have not had to be waste. The popularity of feet and paws is still on the increase. Several producing countries are exporting to China and other South East Asian markets. Prices for properly processed feet are such that investment in a feet processing system is an interesting option for many processors, particularly if this is Stork Poultry Processing’s updated system. Processing feet is a fully-fledged part of the in-line primary process.

The feet processing system is suitable for processing even at high line speeds and consists of a number of modules, allowing the ideal combination to be put together for each customer. Feet are unloaded from the killing line. If necessary, feet can be cut to the required length with part of the tarsus. They are then conveyed to a scalding tank. After scalding, plucking(picking) fingers in the peeler remove the layer of horny skin. They are then chilled and discharged directly into crates or onto a sorting table.

Components of the system are as follows:
Feet processingScalding
Feet are conveyed by a turning screw to the end of the scald tank. They are (hard) scalded with water at approximately 60°C / 140 F. Water is heated either by direct steam injection or indirectly using hot water and a double wall.

For those processors operating at high throughputs, we have now introduced an updated, extra-large, energy efficient scalder, the XL. This is suitable for the highest capacities, 13,500 bph. / 225 bpm. Scald water is heated using hot water circulated inside a double wall. A supply of steam is therefore not necessary.

After scalding, feet are transported by a screw to the deskinner for removing the horny layer of skin.

Feet deskinner
The horny layer of skin is removed in the feet peeler using rotating plucking (picking) fingers. For optimal peeling, hot water is added at the beginning of the process. The cold water supply is installed at the back of the peeler. The layer of horny skin is flushed away via a central drain.

Recently we launched a feet deskinner for high capacities.

Feet chiller
Feet are now ready to be chilled. This happens in a short period of time in a tank of chilled water with a screw or in a paddle chiller. Once chilled, feet can now be packed. If necessary, feet can first be sorted and assessed for quality. Stork Poultry Processing supplies screw chillers and paddle chillers in various sizes.

Striving for high value by-products
With Stork Poultry Processing’s updated feet processing system you will be taking a further step towards marketing your broilers in the truly best way. Adding as much value as possible to each bird is part of Stork Poultry Processing’s philosophy. The feet processing system is accurate, automatic and fully in-line. Production can be controlled and monitored using INNOVA software. What is more, the system has an attractive payback time in a market for edible feet and paws, which continues to grow.