From Trend to Opportunity

25 Jan 2012

As people spend less and less time on preparing meals, the popularity of convenience food is growing strongly. More and more products are being offered in small portion sizes, pre-cut, seasoned or marinated, and often pre-cooked or as a component of a whole meal. Increasingly, products are sold as “ready to cook” or “ready to eat”.

At the same time, consumers are demanding variety, and are often looking more for regional and healthy products with a stronger “ethnic” taste. For their part, retailers compete ever more aggressively for their custom by introducing new product ideas. Besides their own brands, “exclusive” lines are now also becoming popular as an alternative to eating out.

Keeping up with these developments is a challenge facing every poultry processor, for and while it is becoming ever easier to reach a heavier live weight in a short period of time, consumers often want smaller portions.

Marel Stork Poultry Processing supplies a large number of machines for cutting de-boned chicken meat. All are flexible solutions which quickly and accurately cut to a fixed weight, length or specific shape from breast or thigh meat. Examples of end-products, which are sometimes marinated, are strips, diced chunks (such as Kakugiri) and trimmed fillet shapes with a fixed weight or so-called “minute fillets” (thin cut fillets).

The SmartSplitter slices poultry fillets horizontally into portions of a desired height, resulting in a very high degree of accuracy in the finished product.

I-Cut 22
The I-Cut 22 is an advanced dual-lane portion cutter designed to cut poultry products accurately into fixed weight or length-specific shape with minimal giveaway.

I-Cut 36
The I-Cut 36 is one of Marel’s high-speed, high-precision portion cutter product range and is ideal for cutting products to a fixed weight or length.

The StripCutter is an easy-to-use portioning machine that cuts fixed-sized portions at high speed.

Template Slicing Machine
The TSM Profiler is an innovative template slicing-machine designed to produce identical portions for the food-service industry.

Value drum
The ValueDrum marinates small batches in line, wet or dry, large or smaller products, with or without bone and/or additives, providing processors with an excellent means of providing what  is an increasingly popular way of finishing a wide variety of products.