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HasTavuk: 5 Premieres in Poultry Processing in Turkey

08 Oct 2013

Internationally, the successful Turkish company HasTavuk is known for the production of hatching eggs, day-old chicks used for rearing both broilers and layers. some years ago the company decided to start processing broilers itself. After intensive research and visiting several companies all over the world, HasTavuk decided to partner with Marel stork poultry processing to design, build and deliver the installation for its poultry processing plant.

Hastavuk, Turkey

The greenfield project with an initial capacity of 12,000 bph (200 bpm) is situated in the North Western part of Turkey, near Bursa. It is unique for its kind in the Turkish poultry processing industry.

“If we decide to invest in such a large project we only go for the best,” says Mr. Müjdat Sezer, member of the board of the directors and coordinator for this HasTavuk project. “It became clear that Stork Poultry Processing was the best partner for offering the high quality solution we are looking for. They approached this project very professionally. It gave us confidence for the future and we are now building one strong team. With the help of Mr. Atila Caglar from Feyzi AS (Marel Stork’s local representative) we are assured of perfect technical support.”

For our own and all our surrounding cultures which pay extra attention to a cleaner process and to producing Halal, AeroScalder can be a big plus.
Sahin Aydemir – General Manager of HasTavuk.

Choosing top quality

The new HasTavuk facility near Bursa is large and houses the best that is available for high capacity broiler processing. The plant is designed and built around the various processes. Every choice was made based on the criterion ‘quality’. Mr. Sezer says: “To us the best hygiene, the best products with the best taste and the highest shelf life are what we are aiming for. We always want to control every step in the whole production chain. With our processing plant we will be able to realize this. We have our consumers in mind. They will only want to buy the best available products at a good price.”

Stork AeroScalder

First AeroScalder for Turkey

The new HasTavuk plant is unique in several ways. HasTavuk is the first Turkish company to buy the all-new Stork AeroScalder, again a conscious choice for quality. Mr. Sahin Aydemir, General Manager of HasTavuk says: “To us the AeroScalder is very attractive. Of course we save a lot of energy and water, which is good for the environment. But most important is the fact that scalding is cleaner. We do not have to immerse our products into the scalding water. Products stay cleaner during scalding because of the use of moisturized hot air. There is no cross contamination during scalding. It’s another step towards a cleaner process.” Mr. Aydemir adds: “I think this new way of scalding is important for our national and international customers. For our own and all our surrounding cultures which pay extra attention to a cleaner process and to producing Halal, AeroScalder can be a big plus.”

Premiere: form follows function

In designing their processing plant, HasTavuk had the opportunity of allocating certain steps of the process to certain areas. ‘Clean’ and ‘dirty’ parts of the process could be strictly separated to optimize product hygiene and quality. The operators enter their working areas from different sides and the rendering plant is situated away from the main building; everything is optimized to benefit process and product in the best possible way. The building has been designed with help from Marel Stork, based on decades of global experience in realizing greenfield projects.

First tenderness management program

Another premiere on the Turkish poultry processing market is the tenderness management program. This combines electro stimulation (Rapid Rigor) with maturation chilling. A maturation chill tunnel both chills and tenderizes. It is a two-stage, multi-tier system. In the first stage, birds are chilled rapidly to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Moisture is applied to the products’ surfaces to keep weight loss to a minimum and to help the chill process, which uses very cold air at very high velocities. In a second, longer stage, birds are chilled slowly, using less cold air at lower velocities to speed up proteolytic breakdown. Results are: optimum tenderness and product presentation, inhibited bacteria growth and minimum weight loss.

More premieres

It is clear that HasTavuk aims to produce top quality products and chooses to have new processing solutions that support this aim. Another good example is choice of the new Stork D203S plucker. It has two shaped plucking cabinets, each with three rows of 20 plucking discs with 6 plucking fingers fitted at an angle. Each row of discs is offset from its neighbor to create a compact plucking field covering the whole bird. The new plucker covers the whole bird from hocks to wings and helps to deliver an optimum plucking result.

New product for Turkish consumers

Last but not least! With the new plant HasTavuk introduces a great new product to the market, the “Wingstick”. During the cut up process the first joint of the wing is harvested and processed by the Stork Wingstick module, resulting in “meat on a stick”, a nice cocktail snack ready for the barbecue. HasTavuk is in contact with the Uludag University of Bursa to develop new flavors for this tasty product.

Hastavuk, Turkey

Future expectations

“At this phase of the project we are starting production. Over the next 6 months we expect production to increase to a full double shift capacity at 12,000 bph (200 bpm). Our working force of about 700 people will increase to over 1,000. After that we will see”, says Mr. Aydemir. HasTavuk has the entrepreneurial skills, space and possibilities to raise production to the current maximum in the industry, 13,500 bph (225 bpm). Knowing HasTavuk, this latest addition to the Turkish poultry processing industry has the potential to be another great success.

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