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High Speed Broiler Processing – Now at 13,500 bph

20 Mar 2012

Stork Poultry Processing is well-known for its high yields at high processing speeds. In processing 13,500 broilers per hour on a single production line efficiently and with proven yields processors worldwide have set a new benchmark for new green-field projects and for upgrading existing high capacity lines.

Nuova-24 in action

As all technological performance parameters will have to be guaranteed at the new higher speed, any increase from 12,000 to 13,500 bph will only be a success if attention is paid to a number of different aspects of the process, examples being the need to lengthen the bleed trough and scalding system and provide additional plucking capacity.
Some machines will have to be upgraded, as their performance will have to be guaranteed too. New versions of existing equipment, suitable for the higher line speeds, have been successfully launched and prove their performance in day to day operation.

Green-field projects
It goes without saying that all equipment in a green-field project will be suitable for operation at 13,500 bph.  The new K15 killer, a machine developed to give the highest level of performance at the highest line speeds, is a good example of this.

More security: Automatic Tension Control
A third category of upgrade concerns security and operational reliability.  At the higher speed forces in the line are greater making the installation of an ATC system (Automatic Tension Control) essential.  If an unexpected situation arises, the system’s load cells, which communicate with one another, will ensure that forces are balanced out.  In an emergency it must be possible to stop the line quickly.

No standard upgrade
There is no standard solution for upgrading an existing installation to 13,500 bph.  Each line is different and each upgrade must start with analysis and advice.
When this advice is given, some upgrade work is essential whereas other work is desirable.  At the new higher line speed attention will have to be paid to optimizing live bird supply and in-plant product handling and logistics. 

Gold standard
Several poultry processors have already made the move to the new gold standard of 13,500 bph.  In a new green-field plant all machines and modules fit together perfectly to give consistently high performance at this throughput.  Stork Poultry Processing has set a new industry benchmark and its consistently high performance alone justifies the tag “gold standard”.

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