L.D.C. Arrivé Les Essarts

20 Oct 2014

Higher volume, higher quality

With a turnover of some Euro 3 billion in 2013 and around 16,000 employees, the L.D.C. Group is a top player in France and one of the largest poultry processors in Europe. The Concern, originally formed by the merging of three family businesses with 90 employees, Lambert, Dodard and Chancereul, has since grown into a group comprising more than 60 companies. These have often kept their own identity and market products of high value in their regions. Vertical integration throughout the whole poultry chain allows L.D.C. to monitor and improve all the links in the chain. A recent project at the Arrivé Les Essarts plant is a good example of this strategy.

Cooperation between L.D.C. and Marel Stork employees was first class.
- Mickael Lanceleur, Plant Manager Arrivé les Essarts
L.D.C. Arrivé Les Essarts
From left to right: Thierry Chancereul – Industrial Director of L.D.C., Sophie Mutet – Marketing Marel Stork, Mickael Lanceleur – Plant manager L.D.C. Arrivé les Essarts, Gael Devaux – Area Sales Manager Marel Stork.

Arrivé Les Essarts is an expanding processing plant in the Vendee in the west of France. With its production of 700,000 broilers per week, it is one of L.D.C.’s larger fresh processing plants. Thierry Chancereul, L.D.C. Industrial Director, says, “We are focusing increasingly on adding as much value as possible and are also keen to increase volumes. We want to make top-quality, fresh products. Our aim is an optimum in-line process with optimum product flow.”

Grow and do things better

Until recently, production capacity at Les Essarts was 9,000 bph / 150 bpm. Primary processing and chilling had already grown to 11,500 bph / 192 bpm.

The decision was then taken to go for the next phase, an expansion and update of the distribution, cut-up and filleting departments. Product flows and internal logistics also had to improve. Les Essarts wanted to produce optimal fixed-weight packs and to size product, too. Give-away had to be as low as possible.

More and better filleting solutions

Products are re-hung automatically from an updated distribution line to a new ACM-NT cut-up system, which includes a module for wingsticks, a product particularly popular in France. Two existing AMF filleting systems have been completely upgraded to the latest version with the installation of menu control and other new modules. At the same time, filleting capacity has been expanded with the addition of two complete AMF-BX filleting systems.

Improved end product logistics

With the increased number of product streams, the need for optimum end product logistics clearly became more important. The very substantial stream of products such as breast fillets had, for the most part, to be batched into fixed-weight packs. A four-head RoboBatcher was installed to take care of this. This device weighs fillet products on trays at a capacity of up to 300 pieces per minute, its software ensuring the lowest possible give-away. Products unsuitable for selection for fixed-weight packs are conveyed away and handled in a three-layer batcher.

This new batching solution brings three streams of product over each other, so that fillets can be put into trays or calibrated for packaging in bulk automatically from all three streams.

L.D.C. Arrivé Les Essarts


For L.D.C., RoboBatcher has meant a significant reduction in give-away. Labor was saved too. Various conveyor systems connect the different process steps with each other. Streams of product have increased significantly and end product logistics have been improved.

Good cooperation

Mickael Lanceleur, Plant Manager at Arrivé les Essarts, says, “The project was done exactly as promised. Cooperation between L.D.C. and Marel Stork employees was first class. It was a professional team, which worked well. For us, Marel Stork is a player in the market with a wide and complete range of products. The quality and performance of the machines are above average, particularly the high capacity lines.”

Maitre CoqM. Chancereul adds, “There is a lot of knowledge in the organization and Marel is a strong player when it comes to innovation. I would like to work together more to exchange ideas and to develop more innovative solutions together. This is a partnership, which can be interesting for both parties.”

The future

“Our aim is to continue supplying quality products at affordable prices, offering our consumers service, security and product origin under the banner of solid brands in France as well as in Poland and elsewhere in Europe.

To achieve this, we must act responsibly in promoting efforts for continuous improvement. This should enhance every company’s performance and involve respect for the quality of our products, for working conditions, as well as the health of our collaborators and of the environment, which affects everyone.
Our security results from the work and talents of the men and women who work at our sites every day.”

Faced with the changing poultry market, L.D.C. has equipped itself with competitive and high-performance tools. The latest project in Les Essarts is a good example of this strategy.

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