Marel Poultry advances in China

Progressing and developing with the customer 

During VIV China, Marel Poultry succeeded in getting a close connection with the poultry industry in China. By combining our global poultry processing knowledge with local Chinese needs, we presented the most complete and profitable solutions to the VIV China visitors, among which the all-new Second Joint Wing Cutter HY.

Marel Poultry stand crew at VIV China, BeijingOur team of professionals at VIV China comprised Area Sales Managers Kai Zhao and Ruud Berkers, Jóhannes Gunnarsson, Yuan Xia and Valur Blomsterberg.

In order to achieve "Progression and development with the customer", we shared our latest innovative solutions in poultry processing technology with the VIV China visitors.

Almost all of Marel Poultry's existing Chinese customers as well as numerous newly interested poultry processors found their way to the stand and were very enthusiastic. All parties especially liked the hands-on experience of the poultry processing equipment at the booth. According to Jóhannes Gunnarsson, Marel's Regional General Manager in China, "This year’s VIV was a clear indication that the development of the poultry industry in China is progressing at a very fast pace. This year I feel the quality of the exhibitors was very high in relation to other Poultry Expo’s around the world."

Global launch

For the first time at VIV China the Marel Poultry stand featured real-life equipment, such as the Stork SmartWeigher which attracted lots of attention. 

One of our other local solutions had its global launch at VIV China. The completely new Second Joint Wing Cutter HY for the Stork ACM-NT cut-up system has been developed specifically and exclusively for the Chinese market. This new cutting module succeeds in reproducing mechanically the skilled, manual movements of a traditional Chinese cut. The result is a precisely cut center wing piece with an excellent presentation, respecting Chinese traditions, and with higher yield for the poultry processor.

Marel Poultry stand at VIV China, Beijing


Did you miss our booth at VIV China? Don't worry, there's another chance to meet Marel Poultry in China. Next rendezvous will be at the CIMIE exhibition in China International Exhibition Center, Beijing from September 27th to 29th.