Marel Poultry wins Innovation Award!

06 Oct 2016

Marel Stork wins EuroTier Innovation Award 2016We can proudly announce that our new, revolutionary live bird handling system is awarded the EuroTier 2016 Innovation Medal.

Every four years, EuroTier, a leading trade fair for animal production, awards the EuroTier Innovation Medal to the most important developments in the industry. The new Stork Advanced Bird Transport Solution from Grower to Processor is one of the 2016 award-winning innovations.  

Marel Poultry is always on the forefront of innovation. In 2012, the famous Stork AeroScalder also won the EuroTier Golden Medal for Innovation.

Based on stringent criteria, an independent expert committee, appointed by the German Agricultural Society, chose the new Stork Advanced Bird Transport Solution from Grower to Processor from among 251 approved applications for product innovations.

The Stork system is revolutionary in its humane approach of broilers, while increasing efficiency during catching, transport and in-plant handling.

The EuroTier jury members were specifically impressed with the animal-friendly technologies of the Stork system. They ensure that the broilers undergo as few movements and treatments as possible, without any human contact during the particularly critical period between the animals' departure from the shed and their anaesthetization.

New revolutionary Stork Live Bird Handling systemOnly at EuroTier Marel Poultry will reveal the new name and all other details of the new Stork live bird handling system, which will truly mean a breakthrough in many areas.

This is an extract from the jury report:

"The Stork Advanced Bird Transport Solution from Grower to Processor system is a modular unloading system that allows birds to be transferred to conveyor belts in the most humane and efficient way. The individual transport tiers of larger transport modules are automatically separated as they enter the processing line, without birds needing to be unloaded at different levels or without them needing to be handled in any other manner. This ensures that the animals do not have direct contact with people after they are loaded."

Besides the award-winning solution, we will launch many more innovations at EuroTier 2016!

Marel Poultry at EuroTier 2016