Marel Stork wins two awards!

At VIV Europe 2014, the SmartWeigher Grading and Distribution Line from Marel Stork Poultry Processing won two awards: in the sector processing and the overall VIV innovation award. The new Marel Stork solution enables accurate weighing, grading and distribution of broilers at the highest possible processing speeds. Every product is put in its most profitable form.

Marel Stork wins two VIV Innovation Awards

The SmartWeigher Grading and Distribution Line consists of a new developed turning shackle, the Stork SmartWeigher, the newest IRIS vision system, new unloading stations and the latest version of the Innova / PDS-NT control software. The result is an unrivaled, high-performance weighing and grading solution.

New turning shackle

To solve the problem of wings touching at eight-inch pitch, Marel Stork has developed a new turning shackle. It is suspended from two trolleys, giving additional operational stability, and fixed to a disc with a latching mechanism. Products are positioned perfectly before entering the SmartWeigher.

VIV Innovation Awards

Renowned SmartWeigher

The SmartWeigher weighs products accurately at the highest processing speeds. The electronics of the very stable performing machine compensates vibrations. Weighing performance is further enhanced by auto taring each individual shackle.

Precise “all-round” quality grading

The new version of the Stork IRIS vision system incorporates the very latest in image capture and data processing techniques. It can be used to grade whole products and all anatomic portions, both back and front. This helps avoid false grading and costly unnecessary downgrades.

New unloading station

The unloading stations for whole products have been redesigned. They ensure “right every time” operation at the very highest line speeds.

SmartWeigher Grading and Distribution line

Once weighed and graded, the optimum destination of each product is determined by the Stork PDS-NT / Innova information and control system. The ability to match product effectively to customer orders and put each product into its most profitable form is crucial for the “bottom line” of any processing operation. The SmartWeigher Grading and Distribution Line from Marel Stork enables poultry processors to do that.

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