Seminar Optimalization of the value of residual poultry meat

Almost 30 customers, from 8 different countries, participated in the seminar on how to optimize the value of residual poultry meat, at Progress Point (Copenhagen).

The day began with inspiring presentations from both Marel and external specialists. Guus Heijnen (sales manager) discussed European regulation regarding the labelling of residual meat and Jan Willem Vermeulen (area sales manager Meat Harvesting) explained the match between poultry parts used for meat harvesting, residual meat and end products.

Industry specialists Bo Ekstrand, Head of Research, Dept. of Food Science of Aarhus University (Denmark), and Kathy Groves (Consultant Microscopist at Leatherhead Food Research) also shared their expertise.

Bo Ekstrand informed the audience on the quality assessment of mechanically separated meat and on-line monitoring of the deboning process. As coordinator of the MACSYS project from the EU, his aim is to create a common platform for quality assessment of meat-bone separated poultry meat.

Seminar Optimalization of the value of residual poultry meat

Kathy Groves discussed meat quality, food structure and measurement methods of residual meat. With 30 years’ experience in food microscopy and expertise in research, she knew how to capture the attention.

In the afternoon demonstration of the different meat harvesting systems with layer front halves (DMP45, RotoMeat) and upper backs (RotoCoarse), showed the working principle of the systems as well as the quality of the residual meat.

To clarify this even more, Marel specialist Guus Heijnen presented poultry parts, residual meat and end products.

Finally people could actually taste end products; chicken nuggets and sausages with meat from DMP and RotoMeat.

Bo Ekstrand commented: `It`s great to see how everything comes together today; regulation, meat quality and end products. Presentations, demonstration and even tasting the products; Meat Harvesting is viewed from all angles, this is the information we need.

The DMP produces meat, it will be difficult for the veterinarian to argue against this.
- A participant