Customer story

Superior Quality Boneless Poultry at Boscher Volailles with the SensorX

02 Jul 2015

SensorX bone detection system

The SensorX superior bone detection system automatically finds bones and other foreign objects in poultry meat and rejects bone-in product from the product stream, enabling processors to deliver consistently safe, high quality product to consumers.

As a poultry processor, Boscher Volailles needs to meet ever increasing demands for quality and food safety. Today it is simply not acceptable to deliver poultry products with potentially hazardous bone fragments, and the SensorX bone detection system has become a standard part of high quality deboning.

Boscher VolaillesBoscher Volailles has seven SensorX systems running at their plant. The first was installed in 2007 and the latest in November 2013. Boscher Volailles processes fillets, inner fillets, whole leg meat and thigh meat, and 100% of the deboned product is run through SensorX.

It is a big evolution, because now we have nearly doubled the speed, and doubled the birds per hour, and we have about 50% less people.
- Thierry le Morvan, Boscher Volailles

Food Quality and Safety

Only accurate, reliable bone detection can ensure food quality and safety. “As soon as SensorX was available in the market, we bought it, to secure our leading position with product quality, and to be the first!” explains Thierry Le Morvan, Manager of Boscher Volailles, and responsible for three other poultry plants in the group.

Boscher Volailles is a French poultry slaughtering and deboning plant, built in 2008. It is part of the Glon group. All Boscher Volailles customers are industrial processors involved in further processing products, and the catering and fast food markets. They process about 550,000 birds/week, specializing in heavy birds.

We are more expensive than our competitors, but our customers recognize the value of food safety. It’s a daily challenge, but I think we are one of the best regarding quality and food safety, especially with regards to bones, and that’s one of the reasons why our customers buy our product.
- Thierry le Morvan, Boscher Volailles

SensorX SmartSort: Grading and Bone Detection in One

SensorX SmartSort grading system

In addition to bone detection, SensorX now calculates product weight using X-ray technology. The SmartSort is a compact grading unit, positioned after the SensorX, that diverts product to a crate, box, or conveyor, depending on the weight information from the SensorX. This setup simplifies size grading, simple batching and directing product to different applications after the SensorX, and eliminates the need for a dynamic weighing unit.

Boscher Volailles has installed a SensorX SmartSort solution on two of their production lines, both to generate batches for quality inspection, and to divert fillets of a certain size to two Marel TSM portioning machines.

“In the beginning, we had to install a weighing unit after the SensorX to measure the yield, and to distribute fillets to the TSM machines,” Le Morvan says. “Now we have a line that does all that without the weighing unit, because we use the SensorX SmartSort solution.” As Le Morvan explains, “There are fewer machines, it’s more compact, there’s more space, less maintenance and less spare parts – all these are benefits for our operation.”

Maximizing Throughput and Labor Efficiency

“With the SensorX as part of our system, we increase our volume every year, and this helps me give my customers the best product at a lower cost,” Le Morvan explains.

“It is a big evolution, because now we have nearly doubled the speed, and doubled the birds per hour, and we have about 50% less people.”

Improving Monitoring and Control with INNOVA

Innova, Marel’s production management software, gives Boscher Volailles the most effective processing control of their SensorX systems.

“We use Innova every day to monitor quality,” says Le Morvan. “We constantly strive for fewer bone complaints, and the SensorX makes it possible for us to be more relaxed, and it helps our people to monitor and improve the process.